Lyme, Connecticut Speed Traps

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State Route 161 near Colonial Carwash

Lyme, ConnecticutMay 02, 20070 Comments

Cops sit in a driveway on the south side of the carwash virtually invisible from the road after dark, monitoring traffic going either direction on Rte 161. Traffic generally moves faster than the posted 35 MPH limit. Speeders and stop light runners are easy pickings.

Interstate 395 near Interstate 95

Lyme, ConnecticutJul 28, 20060 Comments

Interstate 395 Speed Limit drops from 65 Mph to 50 Mph, just before it merges with intersate 95. State Police hide beyond corner. non residents do not relize the speed limit has changed untill it is to late.

Interstate 395 near Exit Number 75

Lyme, ConnecticutJul 15, 20060 Comments

Police sit on the side of the ramp where 395 merges with 95 and just pull mass amounts of people over. Speed limit is 50 and is impossible to do when merging with traffic from 95.

State Route 156 near peggy lane Lane

Lyme, ConnecticutMay 19, 20050 Comments

Those boys are out there all the time doing an outstanding job. I was pulled over going 26 in a 25 mph zone and was given a ticket for $93.00. They were also kind enough to write me also not wearing a seat belt, not having a front license plate, failure to carry an insurance card and last but not least a cracked windshield and loud muffler. The whole thing cost me about $483.00. I tried to fight it in court by following the advice of this site and it cost me, it cost me big! I said to the cop, " well should I make the check out to you or the PD? He just looked at me puzzled and said no, that the money goes to the state and that they don’t get a penny of that money. I confirmed that a friend of mines wifes brother who is also a cop in another part of the state. He also said that the towns no longer get any of the money, it all goes to the state.So watch yourself in that area They are there almost every morning and evening. I am going to think that the prosecutors will not be cutting any deals with evil drivers as they have in the past. Just look at what I had to pay, I think that says it all.

East Society Road near Dean Road

Lyme, ConnecticutMay 19, 20050 Comments

Police are tough on this road these cops write you for every possible thing they can find. I was pulled over for weaving crossing the center line and ended up with a ticket for my high school tassel hanging on the rearview mirror. They called this an obstruction of the front windshield and they wrote me for not wearing a seatbelt and my girlfriend for not having a seatbelt, and they wrote me for obstruction of a marker plate, because I had the covering from the dealership around the outer edges of my rear plate…. So $400 and something dollars later, their goes my weeks paycheck.

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