Greenwood, Delaware Speed Traps

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On Route 16 as you enter the town

Greenwood, DelawareJun 21, 20161 Comments

As you approach Greenwood, the speed drops to 35mph and approximately one block later, it drops to 25mph. You have to look for the signs because they are slightly obscured. Police officers sit to your left with the latest equipment to write you up and spit out the ticket. The interesting part is when I got pulled over, all the other cars that had been pulled over were from out of state — No Delaware tags. Maryland and Pennsylvania. This is definitely a speed trap and apparently brings in a lot of revenue for Greenwood. It will not be on my list of places to visit.

Rt 13 in front of Liquor Store

Greenwood, DelawareOct 06, 20132 Comments

Speed Trap and Mobile Handheld Revenue Generator

The police are not only pulling people over for tickets, if you are not speeding they look to see if you are touching your handheld phone. Apparently. the City of Greenwood needs revenue so bad that if you so much as touch your cell phone the police will issue a mobile/handheld ticket for $100. I suggest people stop spending money in this town because of the speed traps and revenue focus of this town. Just buy your gas in another town. you don’t even have to make a call or text, simply picking up the phone is enough for them to issue a revenue generator. This is not about safety. I asked the officer to review my call log and or text, but he indicated that simply picking up the phone to move it is enough to issue the ticket.

Just at the town limits on State Route 16

Greenwood, DelawareNov 29, 20111 Comments

As you approach the town heading East, the speeds drop quickly from 50 MPH to 35 MPH and then 25 MPH at the town limits, and right there in a parking lot is a cop with all the latest gear to include a printer and WiFi connection, to write you up. If you do not pay very close attention, you can easily miss the slightly obscured signs on Route 16. I myself got nailed for $202.00 and while I paid the fine, the sign placement, and location of the cop, left little doubt it is a major source of revenue. Before he had even started writing my ticket up, the officer had 3 other victims. He was making some serious money for the towns coffers. I’ll never go near Greenwood again, nor will I spend money for anything out of that nasty little town.

Market St & Railroad Ave

Greenwood, DelawareJul 02, 20090 Comments

Route 16 thru Greenwood is a major route for Washington DC and Baltimore area folks traveling to and from the Delaware beaches. As the highway approaches the town, the speed limit drops to 35 and then quickly to 25. The police run radar on many summer weekends. Be extremely careful and do not drive one MPH over 25 when in town!

US Highway RT.13 near State Route RT16

Greenwood, DelawareSep 14, 20072 Comments

The Greenwood town police sit out on US13 and monitor north and southbound lanes,the way they have to speed limit signs posted is confusing but itis intentional,Greenwood is known to be the worst speed trap in De.They mainly hide behind a sign at a Shorestop market across from the school,southbound it is 1/4 mile past stoplight.

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