Cutler Bay, Florida Speed Traps

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SW 216th St. Between 87th avenue and Florida Turnpike

Cutler Bay, FloridaFeb 26, 20180 Comments

216th is a 4-lane 30 mph curvy street between Old Cutler Rd and 87th ave. Prime location for clocking unaware motorists cruising a few mphs above the limit.
Between Old Cutler Rd and the Turnpike, the street is a 35 mph straight 4-lane road with large separating median. In this segment the large median and many palm trees offer great coverage for clocking motorists.

West bound SW 216th Street, approaching TrnPke Underpass

Cutler Bay, FloridaMar 14, 20110 Comments

After Old Cutler Rd going Westbound on SW 216th police target speeders from top of hill and pull them over on North side as they approach turnpike underpass, pull them over en masse until they can be ticketed. ..2 to 4 vehicles pulled over at a time.

Old Cutler road North bound just past SW 216 ST

Cutler Bay, FloridaJan 08, 20110 Comments

This a favorite hiding spot for the two motorcycle officers. It is just at the end of the Lakes by the Bay wall and the other community that begins there (right side of the road). They hide in/behind a tree (Yes I mean literally IN ) and then jump out of/from it right in front of you.

S East bound on SW 216 ST just before Old Cutler RD

Cutler Bay, FloridaJan 08, 20110 Comments

There are two motorcycle officers who are infamous in these parts.stand out of view in front of a corner house just east of the CHI clinic. Be Very Aware and Careful as they will jump/run out in the middle of the street to stop speeding cars as if they were invincible.

216th street and 87th Ave

Cutler Bay, FloridaApr 30, 20101 Comments

Officer sits across 87th ave in school parking lot clocking people coming down 216th street in early morning when it is still dark

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