Dunnellon, Florida Speed Traps

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484 Right before you enter city of Dunnellon

Dunnellon, FloridaAug 04, 20150 Comments

When going into Dunnellon, the speed drops from 55 to 35 fast, and stays 35 all throughout Dunnellon, Beware of this for police love this spot.

US 41 southbound at Powell Road

Dunnellon, FloridaMar 02, 20110 Comments

The right-turn lane at this intersection has its individual traffic signal, which ostensibly prohibits turning right on red. However, state law specifically allows right turn on red (after stopping) unless a no-turn-on-red sign is posted. There is no such sign on the approach to this intersection, but camera-based tickets are issued regrdless of the law.

US 41 & Wal Mart / US 41 & Brooks ST

Dunnellon, FloridaJan 25, 20110 Comments

Cameras at these red lights. Will record if your wheels are on the white line. Tickey is $158.00 each event. Dec there weree over 1500 tickets issued.

U.S. 41 & Powell rd, U.S. 41 N & Brook St. U.S. 41 S at Wal

Dunnellon, FloridaOct 22, 20100 Comments

Red light cameras.
In November will have mobile speed cameras working.

US Highway 41 near US Highway 484

Dunnellon, FloridaAug 06, 20071 Comments

The police sit off to the east side of the road with the radar gun. Going north out of Citrus Co. the speed limit drops from 55 to 45 before the Withlacoochee bridge and immediately to 35 on the other side. If don’t get stopped by the red light at Hwy488 and the bridge then you will most likely be going too fast over the bridge into Marion Co. and the city police will nail you for it.

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