Fort Lauderdale, Florida Speed Traps

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Oakland Park Boulevard near Andrews Road

Fort Lauderdale, FloridaJul 29, 20050 Comments

About 1 mile east of I-95 on Oakland Pk Blvd…

A biker cop sits out to the side in a hidden parking lot with a radar gun and scans into the oncoming traffic. Normally, he will walk out into the road and waive over the first cars that come off of the nearby traffic light. I got caught once and now I am wary of the speed trap. I try to warn other oncoming cars with my flashers if I see him out there.

Usually he is exploiting the eastbound traffic just east of Andrews but sometimes he will switch up and do the westbound. I recommend travelling these few blocks at 5 over the speed limit or finding an alternative route.

NE 6th Avenue near E Prospect Road

Fort Lauderdale, FloridaJul 29, 20050 Comments

I’ve seen the a biker cop on several occasions sitting out with a radar gun and pulling over people on this out-of-the-way industrial road. He is usually sitting between Prospect and Commercial Blvd scanning traffic in either direction.

SW 17th Street near State Route 1

Fort Lauderdale, FloridaJun 23, 20040 Comments

the South West 17th Street draw bridge, cops OFTEN will sit at the bottom of the bridge at a small gas station right on the curve of the road, 2 3 even 4 cops at a time on Bikes, in Patrol cars, and even in there all black Suburban. Once you top the bridge you can’t really see down the hill (esspecially if surrounded by other traffic) they will sit at the bottom with a laser/radar gun and clock you as you top the hill. I myself was pulled over with in a group consisting of 3 other cars and was directed into a (usually empty, on this day full of other speeders ) parking lot. While I was being issued my ticket (5 minutes) they pulled over 3 more groups of cars 2-4 at a time.

Altantic Blvd/I-95S

Fort Lauderdale, FloridaSep 27, 20030 Comments

Ive seen FHP several nites on my way coming from Boca to Ft Lauderdale…They will sit at the bottom of hill on I-95 so soon as you go over the hill they nail you right befor the atlantic ave sign..Its usually a FHP Camaro


Fort Lauderdale, FloridaSep 05, 20020 Comments

Between terminals 2 and 3 there is a hill that you cannot see over from the front. Once you go over the hill there are several cops standing in the road with radar guns. You CANNOT see them until it’s to late. The speed limit is only 15mph right after getting off 95 or 595 where it’s 65. I don’t even think my car goes that slow when in idle.

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