Gainesville, Florida Speed Traps

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Paynes Prairie – I-75 Corridor

Gainesville, FloridaApr 24, 20140 Comments

They are using a confiscated silver escalade with spinning hubs on the wheels and the blue lights are under neath the escalade. Yes – I said under neath the truck and not VISABLE TO THE NAKED EYE There are no marking on the SUV. The sliver escalade is well mixed into the pack and they pull you over for a variety of charges ( following to closely is the number one entrapment tools followed by illegal lane change) The exit ramp at both Williston road (exit 382) and Archer (exit 384) are also speed traps where you exit I-75 only to find out you go from 70mph to 25 mph…which is nearly impossible if you have other cars trialing you off the interstate.

23rd Terrace, By University Club Apts

Gainesville, FloridaAug 09, 20111 Comments

Heading north on 23rd Terrace, toward campus, right after University Club Apartments. They hide behind the bushes waiting for people who pass buses and the like

Swamp Car Wash on SW 13th Street and 7th Ave.

Gainesville, FloridaSep 22, 20102 Comments

They sit there all day where the speed reduces from 45 to 35 to 30 going South on 13th. They sit in the carwash with the laser out the window and there are also motorcycle cops. I watch them pull people all day long.

NW 39th Ave. / NW 6th St. intersection

Gainesville, FloridaSep 02, 20102 Comments

Watch for GPD cops in school zone after you turn from NW 6th St. onto westbound NW 39th Ave. when school zone light is flashing. You can easily exceed 15 mph limit after you turn off NW 6th St., not realizing you’re still in the school zone and then they’ve got you! Speeding fines are doubled! I was clocked at 28 mph and it cost me $294! I’m not advocating speeding in a school zone, but there’s no way in advance to know it’s still a school zone after you make the turn. It’s a definite speed trap designed to collect fines rather than protect anyone!

I-75 Just before Paynes Prarie

Gainesville, FloridaApr 14, 20102 Comments

Just before Paynes Prarie on 1-75, there is almost always a cop hidden behind trees on the left side. It is an excellent hiding spot for them because you can’t see them at all until you just drive by them

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