Maitland, Florida Speed Traps

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maitland 414 Boulevard near US Highway 434

Maitland, FloridaJan 09, 20060 Comments

Near I-4, and to 434, Patrol cars and motorcycles sit in the grass medians, and past the 434 overpass, there is a blind spot where motorcycles catch you coming down from the overpass. At Gateway dr. motorcycles sit hidden by trees and shrubs, running radar at all hours.

Maitland Boulevard near Keller Street

Maitland, FloridaMay 09, 20050 Comments

When headed north on keller from Kennedy it drops from 40 MPH to 30 MPH at the the hairpin. Police use this spot several ways. After the hairpin there is also a 3 way stop that if your headed South you can’t make a legal left turn. To make it even more difficult the next intersection is a not u-turn. Iv’e lived in Maitland for 4 months and have seen at least 50 people pulled over in this area. It’s a huge revenue source for the Maitland Police force.

Interstate 4 near State Highway 414

Maitland, FloridaMar 19, 20040 Comments

On numerous occasions when I am getting on I-4 East at SR 414 I notice the Maitland PD sitting at the end of the entrance ramp with several cars pulling over motorists who are traveling on I-4. Since I live in the area I am generally either getting on or off at this exit so I have not been effected. It seems a shame and I imagine that most of those stopped do not have a Maitland address. I would imagine it is used to bring money into the town since the travelers on I-4 are not contributing to the town.

Maitland Blvd. overpass over 434 (Forest City Rd.)

Maitland, FloridaAug 03, 20020 Comments

Westbound, as you crest the overpass, there is frequently a cop parked either in the median beyond, or in he park entrance on the right. Speed limit is 45; average traffic speed 65. I drop below 60 before cresting the bridge, then resume normal driving once I can see these two hiding spots.

SR 414 Eastbound

Maitland, FloridaDec 01, 20010 Comments

Stationary Radar is often set up at the I-4 overpass on the Eastbound side at night

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