Mascotte, Florida Speed Traps

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Hickory Avenue / East Myers Blvd. (Highway 50 Westbound

Mascotte, FloridaMay 29, 20180 Comments

Police sits in center Lane between East & West Lanes with his nose blocking part of Hwy 50 West, Right Lane suddenly with no warning becomes a turn off lane for RIGHT TURN ONLY with no warning except hard to see text on road surface.
By the time you realize what has happened you have no choice except to cross the white line and the copper nails you for an unbelievable 166 dollar ticket saying you failed to follow a traffic device (sign)!!! There is no sign!!!!
Try getting a lawyer for this kangaroo court!!!
Most will not even come near this place.
I will never visit again EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Underpass Rd & Bluff Lake Rd

Mascotte, FloridaNov 05, 20090 Comments

On the left hand side of the road as your driving north on 33 there is always a cop backed into the trees right on the corner of Palmetto/Underpass and 33. He’s there waiting for those Hwy 50 drivers to come up over 35 MPH. Which is the speed limit for the first part of 33.

CR 33 Road near US Highway 50

Mascotte, FloridaMar 23, 20080 Comments

CR 33 is mostly rural and the speed limit gets up to 60 but when first turning onto 33 from hwy 50 it’s only 45 mph. most people want to get on and immediately start doing 55 to 60 mph. The police will be sitting there waiting for you.


US Highway 50 near Country Road 33 North

Mascotte, FloridaMar 23, 20080 Comments

Speed limit reduces from 45 to 35 through the town of Mascotte, most people don’t know that the area is highly enforced and continue on at the same speed or faster. There are multiple points along hwy 50 through Mascotte where the police sit and wait for speeders. Mascotte is very small so the speed picks back up quick.


South Bay Lake Road near US Highway 50 aka West Myers Blvd.

Mascotte, FloridaMar 23, 20080 Comments

This is Better known as country road 565 south off highway 50. The speed limit is 30 mph. what once was mostly rural area is now built up with subdivisions and the tendancy is to increase speed when leaving the neighborhood but the speed limit remains the same and the local police are sitting there waiting for you.


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