Quincy, Florida Speed Traps

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Along Interstate 10 between Quincy and Tallahassee

Quincy, FloridaSep 20, 20160 Comments

The Florida Highway Patrol Academy is in Quincy. There will be more troopers pulling over drivers.

Interstate 10 Construction

Quincy, FloridaJun 23, 20150 Comments

Sometimes false construction signs used to lower speed limit.

Coming into Quincy, heading west on Hwy 90

Quincy, FloridaAug 09, 20100 Comments

The speed limit drops from 65 MPH to 55 MPH to 45 MPH to 35 MPH to 25 MPH in less than a one mile stretch just as you enter the town. There are tons of “hiding spaces” on both sides of the highway, and the law enforcement officers do “work the area” in almost a daily time frame. The tickets are stiff, and you won’t be able to fight them in court. One particularly bad section is where you start to go down a steep grade just as the speed limit drops from 55 to 45 … the bike (or car) will tend to travel at 55 mph, and unless you purposely hit the brakes, you will never get to 45 mph and virtually every day I see cops with the ticket books out and a huge smile on their faces as they write another one. Slow down! It’s a major source of revenue for the town!

East and West sides of interchange

Quincy, FloridaJul 23, 20090 Comments

East and West bound traffic

Hwy 90 through town also State road 301 heading north

Quincy, FloridaJan 01, 20020 Comments

Speed limits through this small town on a major 4-lane hwy are 25mph which is absurd for the stretch of road. I understand they need the revenue but if you get stopped forget trying to fight it in court, pay it and stick to I-10 a few miles north of town. They are impossible to deal with. I understand this speed limit was dropped down to this ridiculous speed to slow truckers down.

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