Tequesta, Florida Speed Traps

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Old Dixie Highway just South of County Line Road

Tequesta, FloridaJun 30, 20100 Comments

The Tequesta Police appear to be systematically staking out restaurants looking for easy pickins for hyped up DUI’s. So far they are rumored to have put out of business one restaurant/bar on US 1, Grassy Flats, by hanging out in the parking lot late just waiting for customers to get in their cars so they can pull them over. Same thing appears to be happening to the old McCarthys which is under new management. Don’t they have anything better to do? Better to go round Tequesta at night than risk a trumped up speeding or DUI arrest. But, I guess that’s just what they want. Now maybe it’s just a coinsidence, but maybe not.

Country Club Drive @ Tequesta Country Club

Tequesta, FloridaApr 18, 20100 Comments

The entire Village of Tequesta is a speed trap but now that the Tequesta Drive bridge is closed there is always a cop or 2 sitting at the driveway to Tequesta Country Club with radar getting people going north and south. There is also, quite often a cop or 2 sitting in a driveway here and there along Country Club with radar.

US Highway 1 near County Line Road

Tequesta, FloridaJun 14, 20070 Comments

An officer in an unusual (but marked) car frequents this stretch of road…locals know he’s there and to watch out but visitors to Tequesta beware! Especially if you are driving south from Martin County. Most people travel 5-10 mph faster than the posted 55 mph speed limit through the state park. As you approach Tequesta and County Line Rd. the speed limits drops to 45 mph and this is where he’ll get you!

US Highway 1

Tequesta, FloridaMay 29, 20070 Comments

Both Northbound and Southbound directions from County Line Road on the north end to Citco station on the south end. Mainly enforced at AM and PM rush hours.

Route 1 just across from the Martin County Line

Tequesta, FloridaMay 18, 20021 Comments

Just as you cross Bridge road the speed limit drops from 55-60 to 45 and they enforce 45 so be careful. Got a ticket for 49.

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