Zolfo Springs, Florida Speed Traps

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State Highway 17 Just South of State Route 64

Zolfo Springs, FloridaOct 11, 20100 Comments

Love to nap northbound traffic just past where speed limit drops from 45 to 35. If you start coasting when the 35 mph sign is on the horizon you will not be going slow enough by the time you hit the 35 mph sign and the cops will pull you over and issue ticket. Does not matter that they see you are slowing. Is definite revenue source for town. Cops like these are why many have no sympathy when hearing of one getting gunned down!

State Route 66 near State Highway 17

Zolfo Springs, FloridaApr 04, 20071 Comments

Heading west on SR66 coming into Zolfo Springs,FL, one negotiates a left curve. The sign just after the curve states 50 mph (down from 60). Within a quarter mile the limit drops to 40, also posted. The sign just past the curve is immediate. Braking, rather than coasting is needed to conform to the limit. The police are very predatory in Zolfo Springs. There is no asking for a warning as the ticket is completed by the officer as he calls in license and registration information. You will be approached with a fully completed ticket. Zolfo Springs, a town of 1,666 in a county of 28,000 has 5 police officers. Although this population of 1,666 could be well served by the county sheriff’s office, the town seems to have a relatively large force to generate revenue from its predatory speed trap zone.

State Route 64

Zolfo Springs, FloridaMay 13, 20060 Comments

As you are going East on SR64 & just before you enter the city limits of Zolo Springs you pass a 60mph speed limit sign the next sign says reduce speed ahead then the next sign is 55mph just after this there is a bend in the road & your on top of a 45mph sign right after the bend you would have to apply the brakes rather hard to slow down to the posted 45mph before you pass the sign. A City Police officer was sitting off of the road facing west bound on SR64 only about 100 yards or so from the 45mph sign and gets you right on the spot. I don’t travel this road very often so I’m not sure of the level of enforcement.

State Highway 17 near State Route 66

Zolfo Springs, FloridaJun 29, 20050 Comments

City of Zolfo Springs takes the (North/South) one mile stretch of Highway 17’s 35mph speed limit, that runs thru the town, very seriously. Police Officers are very aggressive in enforcing the speed limit regardless of where the driver is from. I have to say in defense of the Police Department, they have given warnings that where fair and generally do not ticket Military Personnel, especially active duty. Again, the Police are fair but firm and there is plenty of warning/time to adhere to the speed limit.

State Road 66 Just North of Hwy 17

Zolfo Springs, FloridaJun 04, 20020 Comments

Right after 60mph to 50mph change as traveling south on SR66

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