Braselton, Georgia Speed Traps

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Interstate 85 North near Exit Number 129

Braselton, GeorgiaMay 03, 20070 Comments

Going north east on I-85 towards Winder/Braselton exit 129, police are using radar/laser in early morning traffic and later in the evening between 3-5pm. They sit on the left and right side of each exit coming and going both north and south on I-85.

State Highway 53 near US Highway 85

Braselton, GeorgiaJan 23, 20070 Comments

Hwy 53 headed away from 85 towards town of Hoschton. This is a 2 lane road which goes right past City Hall in Houschton. Cops sit on various dirt and paved roads waiting for you to go over the ridiculously low speed limits of 35 MPH. It is easy to go 45 – 50 on this road.

Interstate 85 near US Highway 53

Braselton, GeorgiaJul 15, 20060 Comments

The city of Braselton is trying to expand growth. This city lies at the edge of Gwinnett and Hall counties and has even put up city limit signs in parts of those counties. The police sit on the interstate at the highway 53 and highway 211 exits and radio each other whan a car goes by with a tail light out or speeding. Most common is cracked windshields or Hispanic drivers. Our plumbing company relocated due to the hispanics working for us receiving $250 to $300 fines for cracked windshields. Use caution in Braselton Ga.

Friendship Road near Behind the Kroger Shopping Center in Front of Clearwater Plantation

Braselton, GeorgiaMar 28, 20060 Comments

City of Braselton police officers sit just behind the decceleration lane of Clearwater Plantation Subdivision in the dark areas. Tickets usually run around $200.00. Speed limit is marked at 45 MPH, but coming off the hill it is easy to hit 55-65 MPH. Slow Down here!

State Highway 211 near Chateau Elan

Braselton, GeorgiaNov 06, 20050 Comments

Town of Braselton police and State Troopers like to hang out on Hwy 211 near the interstate and Chateau Elan resort. Speed limit is 45 mph, traffic normally moves at 55-60. Tickets here are usually expensive! I know someone who was ticketed $107 for 55/45 and they had never even had a speeding ticket! They will sit on the side of the road, and cars are often pulled over on interstate on-ramps. Police also commonly sit below this bridge that crosses over the interstate. My advice here, stay below 80 mph.

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