Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia Speed Traps

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hwy. 154 & 29, to South Fulton Pkwy.

Chattahoochee Hills, GeorgiaNov 08, 20130 Comments

From hwy.29 & 154 at Palmetto, to South Fulton Pkwy. the Chattahooche Hills Police wait in the dark, with their lights off. They wait in the roadside ditches and off tho the side of the road about 30 – 40 feet, on the unlit sections of road, and wait in blind driveways not lit up. About 5 places along hwy. 154 that they use. It’s illegal to hide and wait in the dark with lights off. If you sit on the side of the road at night, with your lights off, and no warning lights or flashers, you’ll get a ticket.

South Fulton Pkwy

Chattahoochee Hills, GeorgiaMay 15, 20121 Comments

Anywhere on South Fulton Pkwy in Chattahoochee Hills is a traffic enforcement nightmare. There is absolutely nothing on the roadway (or from what I can tell within the town itself), which was recently incorporated. I rarely travel this road (mostly when returning home after visiting in-laws in FL), but have been stopped three times – once for speeding, which I was, and twice for "swerving", which I was not. I suppose the hope for an easy DUI dissipates with six kids and luggage in the vehicle. Recently, we have opted to travel 10-15 miles out of our way to avoid the aggravation and CH.

South Fulton Parkway past river bridge

Chattahoochee Hills, GeorgiaJan 14, 20110 Comments

Got nailed by CHPD at 4:50 AM in the morning. Officer was professional and polite but this is purely a revenue thing for them. This place was rarely patroled for years by the Fulton Co. PD but now that C. Hills has incorporated, they need money. My advise is to watch your speed here.

Rico Road

Chattahoochee Hills, GeorgiaOct 17, 20102 Comments

This speed trap is very dangerous on Friday night. My husband was stopped and he was not speeding but was accused of speeding and ticketed and not only ticketed but taken to jail as well. They gave him a breathalyzer which he passed…he blew a .0038 in the field and when they arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving, siezed the truck, took him to the station(my husband is Hispanic, but is a US citizen) and did the test again he blew just under that number at .0035..which no one blows a .000 because your body naturally has alcohol in your stomach and mouth. He told them he wasn´t drinking so now instead they still put him in jail overnight (I guess they were hoping for an ICE hold even though he isn´t illegal) and for speeding…the next morning he found himself charged with speeding and reckless driving(wtf) the police officer was coming from the opposite direction so how could he determine reckless driving? Then that night several others were arrested for silly things like speeding, no seatbelt, etc..all in the same area and by the same officer. Mostly Hispanics, but some other folks found themselves there as well..and another man met my husband this morning while they were trying to get someone to come to the station and said he was also falsly accused of speeding by this same officer and that he was going to fight the illegal actions of the officer as well. We have retained an attorney over this one. So anyone going through this area avoid it if you can by sticking to the Interstate or move with extreme caution, get a dash cam if you can..

Rivertown Road and Cambleton Redwine Road Intersection

Chattahoochee Hills, GeorgiaApr 18, 20100 Comments

The cops speed trap there regulary in the evening Rush hour.there is a speed change there from 55 MPH to 45 MPH. Im a local so I know where they set up. They are trying to increase revenue do to the bad economy and have absolutley no mercy.

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