Lawrenceville, Georgia Speed Traps

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Between I – 85 and Sugarloaf Pkwy.

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaJul 10, 20150 Comments

We passed two cars pulled over and then we were pulled over. Two more patrol cars with lights on passed by us while we were waiting for our ticket. We were doing 75mph in 55mph. Didn’t see the change from 65 to 55mph.

West pike street heading west out of town.

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaJul 09, 20150 Comments

The cops get you using lidar from past the 35 mph sigh while you are in 25 mph area. Average traffic speed is 45. 3 lane one way road. No reason to be 25 mph!

Highway 316 between Harbins Road and 29 Highway

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaJul 05, 20120 Comments

As you round the curve on 316 west bound from Harbins Road, the Officers are waiting on the right side of the road. They usually have several people pulled over at one time. Watch your speed from the Barrow County line through to 29 highway.

South Culver Street

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaJan 19, 20110 Comments

Cops sit in the parking lot of Courtside East Office park and stop anyone doing over 35, yet they are usually doing 55 when they go up and down the street. I know this to be a fact since I live on the street and see this daily. Cops should be required to abide by the same laws as the public.

Five Forks Trickum Road between Johnson Road and Gwinnett Dr

Lawrenceville, GeorgiaDec 05, 20100 Comments

When driving toward Lawrenceville on Five Forks Trickum, after crossing Sugarloaf Parkway, a speed limit sign says 45mph. Another sign is posted of 45mph around Johnson Road. As you continue on Five Forks Trickum past Johnson Road, there is a downhill section with a 35mph sign post. Since the speed limit is 45mph until you start braking and notice the posted 35 mph sign going down the grade, you cannot slow down that quickly. One should be allowed to slow down when the 35mph sign is seen as you go down the hill. Two Lawrenceville City Police Motorcycles are parked in a driveway on the right with radar guns pointed toward the top of the hill and naturally entrap cars in the process of slowing down. I feel that it is immoral and a fee grabbing situation that should be corrected. The Lawrenceville City Limits sign is posted within the first 300 ft after crossing Sugarloaf heading east toward the Justice Center with the 45 mph post in full view. Because of retail stores and more dense population with a two lane street, the city of Lawrenceville should change the two signs to 35mph posted signs from 45mph signs. I am assured that they will not do this since this area is an excellent fee grabbing speed trap. They are especially noticeable before Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays as if they are trying to make a bonus. As known, the Lawrenceville city cops are rude. The city is also trying to pay for the new City Hall and the very large new Police Station. It is such a shame that this happens and is a black mark on this small city, the County seat. Also has anyone tried to call in to complain or offer suggestions? You cannot reach anyone with their telephone setup. Only one number is listed and you cannot reach a human. As you attempt the call you wind up dead ended. Not a very good sign of a representative government or democracy.

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