Morven, Georgia Speed Traps

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Hwy 133 south

Morven, GeorgiaNov 17, 20200 Comments

I was going South on 133 to Valdosta. Cruise set to 63 in 55 zone. It is night time and dark. I notice the 45 mph right as my wife says it is a slower zone. I start to slow down but the police officer hit me right at the sign. He gave me a ticket for 63 in a 45 and I did not even get a chance to slow down. Also I pulled over before he even got his lights turned on and I was parked right in front of the 55 mph sign. It was only 45 for like a half mile for no reason other than to raise money for the City of Morven. So, note to self, I will not drive through that city again. They have gotten my last dollar. Ridiculous. Do something better with your police force

Highway 133/Highway 76

Morven, GeorgiaSep 04, 20110 Comments

My father received a ticket for an expired license plate while his vehicle sat in the parking lot of the Dollar General. The cop did not even see him driving and was trolling the town’s parking lots for victims. I’m a cop and I know that type of ticket can’t be issued on private property. I wonder if the Morven police even know which tickets can be issued on private property. However, I’m sure they’ll claim its a thoroughfare because it connects a state road: which is a moot point because the cop did not see him driving. Watch yourself through this town because it seems to be all about revenue. Oh, and if the cop checks your speed with RADAR and doesn’t ask if you want him to check the accuracy of his device before issuing the ticket (usually when you sign) its grounds for dismissing the ticket. Read Georgia code sections 40-6-180 through 40-6-189 and 40-14-1 through 40-14-26 for an education on Georgia’s speeding laws.

State Highway 133 near City Limits

Morven, GeorgiaJun 30, 20070 Comments

The speed limits are not unrealistic, however, the placing of the sign is questionable, especially if you are traveling South on 133 headed to Valdosta. The officer places his position to the side of a curve, approximately 100 feet off of the shoulder, which comes off of a hill where the speed limit is changing from 55 to 45 mph. He tags you with his radar as you are slowing down but have yet reduced your speed to 45 mph.
Then, the officer, allows you to proceed across the one and only cross-road in the middle of the area, at which point he pulls out and follows you as exit the "City".

At this point, you do not realize he is actually "after" you or anybody else. Then, when you are outside the City Limits, on come the lights and he will make sure you know that Is you he is "pulling".

Final result: You are presented a ticket for "speeding" and a ticket for "failing to yield to an emergency vechicle".

Ga 133 between Moultrie and Valdosta

Morven, GeorgiaOct 19, 20030 Comments

Morven is just SE of the notorious speedtrap in Berlin, GA. They have a speed limit of 45 with almost constant enforcement.

Hwy 133 and Hwy 76 intersection

Morven, GeorgiaSep 01, 20011 Comments

Small town with the most ruthless traffic guys the world has ever known. They will give their own momma a ticket.

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