Norcross, Georgia Speed Traps

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Langford Road near US Highway 23

Norcross, GeorgiaApr 09, 20080 Comments

While not a speed trap, this is another kind of trap motorist should know about. When traveling on Langford Road towards Buford Highway (US Highway 23) during the afternoon rush hour, traffic frequently backs up for quite some distance. Many drivers will procede into the turn lane to bypass traffic going straight so that they can make a left hand turn onto Buford Highway and head north. Usually a couple of times per month, a large number of Norcross police officers will set up in the parking lot closed down funeral home on the corner of Langford and Buford Highway. They will watch for motorist who enter the turning lane and proceed to the light and then then motion them into the parking lot and ticket them for traveling more than 300 feet in a turn lane. The officers are very difficult to see as they park their cars on the back side of the funeral home so they cannot be seen. The ticket for this violation runs $95. Beware!

Beaver Ruin Road Road near State Highway Buford Hwy SH 13

Norcross, GeorgiaFeb 07, 20080 Comments

Officers will set up in the parking lot of the Methodist Church on the northbound side and in the driveway of a dentist’s office on the southbound side. It’s a blind curve in both directions. Just past the church and continuing to Buford Hwy the speed limit drops to 35 from 45. Radar is more often run on the south side as folks coming from Buford tend not to notice the signs and traffic is always tight. Be careful. Frequent DUI checks in the same location.

Peachtree Industrial Parkway near Interstate 285

Norcross, GeorgiaMar 10, 20060 Comments

There are officers who normally patrol and monitor this area both heading towards and away from I-285. They are normally in an unmarked mustang or a patrol car. Normally the officer parks at the base of 285 and Peachtree Industrial and then radios ahead to another unit that sits on the top of the first hill heading towards Peachtree/Jimmy Carter. In the afternoon these same officers sit on the other side of Peachtree Industrial (at the top of the hill immediately before the I-285 on ramp entrance with the Radar gun.

Mitchell Road near Brook Hollow Parkway

Norcross, GeorgiaJul 18, 20050 Comments

Very near the intersection of Brook Hollow Pkwy and Mitchell Road (Brook Hollow runs North/South between Jimmy Carter and Indian Trail), there is a scrapyard on Mitchell Road. there’s often an officer in the corner of this yard’s parking lot, with his yellow parking lights on. Sometimes there’s a 2nd car around the corner. I believe it’s a 35MPH zone, which I regularly travel at 45MPH and up. Only once have I seen anyone pulled over here.

Beaver Ruin Rd. 1000ft before reaching Buford Hwy.

Norcross, GeorgiaAug 10, 20030 Comments

Beaver Ruin RD. has a posted speed linit of 45mph but about 1000ft before it runs into Buford Hwy. it turns to 35mph. the cops usually will nab you 500 feet after you’ve crossed it and it’s usually around a curve.

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