Oliver, Georgia Speed Traps

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Oliver, GA

Oliver, GeorgiaFeb 27, 20140 Comments

I agree with the comments posted about the shady speed trap place in Oliver, GA. The saddest situation I witnessed on February 7th was my husband getting two traffic tickets that added to $850 all at once. One was a 56 on a 35mph. Police Office stated my husband did not pull over in time and added the $500 for not yielding to an emergency vehicle. However, Police Office came speeding so fast from behind that as soon as my husband saw him he pulled over. My husband tried to explain he had no reason not to stop, but the police officer was unreasonable and gave my husband 2 traffic citations right on the spot. At the face of such an injustice, my children are scared of the police. Did anyone has been brave enough to file a complaint with the Attorney General? I myself am scared and have hired a lawyer since we are not form the area. Avoid going to Augusta from Savannah through Oliver city.

Hwy 17 in Oliver Ga

Oliver, GeorgiaApr 23, 20122 Comments

When heading east on hwy 17 entering Oliver the speedlimit goes from 55 to 45 to 35 in a short distance.There is a caution light and the cops are sitting on the left side of the road. When you get to the 35 mph sign you had better be going 35.There is no rezson for the speed limit to be 35 but to ticket people.My question to the cop was why is it 35mph here.He said the locals sometimes run the red light.If that’s the case I would think if you ticket the people who run the red light you would solve the problem.The real problem is this is the way Oliver pads its budget.

Right next to the Post Office

Oliver, GeorgiaSep 12, 20111 Comments

I just had a similar encounter with Oliver Police. It was the day I moved from Augusta to Savannah so I had a trail of around 6 cars behind me (all my family). I was going around 55 and was slowing down and I was probably going around 45 when I got to the sign but it was too late he cut his blue lights on and got me and my brother for "going 20 over" He told me he wouldnt take points off my liscense but I called and found out my fine was $375 which is rediculous. I noticed when I was going to court though that about 2 miles from Oliver coming from Savannah there is a sign that says "Avoid the Speedtrap" it should read "Avoid this town"

State Route 17 through Oliver, GA

Oliver, GeorgiaMar 15, 20112 Comments

The tiny nearly non-existent town of Oiver, GA has a brazen cop who issues preposterous citations with insanely high fines. I foolishly used GA 17 as an alternate route heading back from Savannah, hoping to catch some nice scenery. Heading out of a wide spot in the road called Oliver, GA I was pulled over by a cop who claimed I was doing 75 mph in a 45 mph zone. He said he was supposed to take me to the county jail for that kind of speed, but would be kind to me and just write a ticket. I was visibly shaken even though I KNEW I hadn’t been anywhere close to the speed he said since the rental van I was in shook and shimmied even at 60 mph. What should have tipped me off to just how crooked this operation is was that he then asked if I had a good driving record, to which I responded a truthful “Yes!” He then said that the way he would write the ticket would not reflect on my driving record. At the time I was relieved, but after I pulled away I was puzzled why he would be so lenient to me just after telling me he was supposed to haul me to the county jail! When I called in for my fine amount after returning home to the Upstate of SC, I was dumbfounded when told that I had to pay $875, more than half what I make in a month! Knowing I had been ‘had,’ but with no witnesses to back me up it would be useless to fight this injustice, I coughed up the money. However, I am considering a complaint to the Georgia Attorney General and would definitely warn all drivers to avoid this route at all costs!

35 MPH

Oliver, GeorgiaFeb 19, 20111 Comments

I’ve had one ticket in 30 years….Oliver, GA.
Mark it on your GPS and slow down to 30 MPH or go around if you don’t you will get ticketed. It’s says a lot about the character of the people living there. Low rent.

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