Perry, Georgia Speed Traps

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341 just north of perry ga

Perry, GeorgiaSep 13, 20140 Comments

signs say 65…….log truck passing me……houston county deputy pulls me over……let log truck continue on its way…….says its 55 here……….cop offered to recheck his radar,,,,i said thanks……..when i asked ….what about the LOG TRUCK,,,cop said…..what log truck…

On Interstate 75

Perry, GeorgiaDec 20, 20130 Comments

This is a traffic trap that is being used even when drivers aren’t speeding. Sheriffs cars pull off to the right hand side of the road and turn on their flashing lights. Then, if a car traveling in the right hand lane passes the sheriff’s car, the driver is pursued, stopped, and ticketed for not moving to the middle lane "when emergency lights are flashing." This happened to us recently, and we saw it happening again and again to other drivers on Interstate 75 in and near Houston County, Georgia during the second week of December, 2013. There was never any emergency that we saw–only the Sheriff’s car pulled over by itself, waiting to spring the trap. The Sheriff’s deputies appeared to be using the manuever to raise revenue from unsuspecting drivers who either didn’t know that Georgia has a law requring drivers to change lanes when they encounter flashing "emergency" lights, or who couldn’t safely change lanes quickly enough because of heavy traffic in the lane to their left.

Houston Lake Road (Rt. 127) between Perry and Warner Robins

Perry, GeorgiaFeb 19, 20110 Comments

This rural road with few houses used to have a common sense speed limit of 55. Then it was widened to five lanes and the speed limit was dropped to 45 for 10 miles! out in the countryside. This road is a daily “cash cow” to the City of Perry, the City of Warner Robins, Houston County, and the State of Georgia. Police are ticketing folks on this road almost 24 hours per day for exceeding the 45 mile per hour limit on this long rural road that has very, very few homes.

I-75 Exit 135 & 136

Perry, GeorgiaApr 17, 20100 Comments

In between the 2 exits they sit there all day long. I pulled off to get gas @ Exit 136. GPS had someone pulled over on the exit ramp. When I was getting gas & heading NB on I-75 the same GPS had already pulled over another car in between 135 & 136.

Highway 127, Between Perry and Houston Lake.

Perry, GeorgiaMar 14, 20101 Comments

For many years this was a narrow two lane state highway with a speed limit of 55 mph. This past year a widening project was completed. As soon as the two lane highway was widened into five lanes the speed limit was dropped to 45. It is under the jurisdiction of the Perry city police. The GSP and Perry police constantly sit along this 8 mile stretch of highway. I have personally witnessed two Perry patrol cars and three Ga State patrol cars along highway at the same time.

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