Pine Lake, Georgia Speed Traps

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Pine Lake – Everywhere!

Pine Lake, GeorgiaMar 25, 20140 Comments

Avoid this tiny city with tiny mayor, tiny police force, etc at all costs – GO ANOTHER WAY ALTOGETHER. If you are doing nothing wrong, they will find something. My brake light was out (I had no idea) and instead of advising or warning me, I was ticketed. I also once got a ticket for getting into a turning lane too quickly (several yards only in the yellow) and that was a moving violation! They will ticket for speeding only 5 mph over the limit. Pine Lake is nothing more than a cash register.

Memorial Drive near South Ray’s Road

Pine Lake, GeorgiaMar 27, 20060 Comments

one mile jurisdiction generating most of their city revenue on traffic stops. 45 mph zone so speed is not always the issue. all temporary or dealer tags are pulled over for verification. any non-working lights (including tag illumination lights) will also lead to a stop. they have their own traffic court and many local residents just avoid driving through Pine Lake to avoid the risk.

Rockbridge Rd

Pine Lake, GeorgiaAug 29, 20020 Comments

This has been known to be a speed trap for a long time. My neighborhood is larger than this little municipality and it still has a police force. U was informed that there was a shake-up in this little municipality’s administration and police force due to some corrupt and discriminatory practices over the years. However, I would still warn against even going 5mph over the limit. there could still be remnants of the past.

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