Soperton, Georgia Speed Traps

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Highway 29 by the school

Soperton, GeorgiaDec 04, 20200 Comments

The speed trap sits down a little down from the school. If the school lights are not flashing, and you are going 57. It will clock you speeding. Even on the weekend. That’s not fair.

I-16 headed towards Savannah

Soperton, GeorgiaNov 13, 20200 Comments

I was going towards Savannah and I will say I was speeding- but not nearly as fast as the officer claimed I was. I believe I was going 80-85 but I was clocked going 99. I’ve read MULTIPLE claims of the same thing from this website as well as on Twitter and Reddit. The person I was with got one in the same county on the way back home & same thing, was only going around 80-85 and was told they were going in the upper 90’s. This place is an AWFUL speed trap but if possible make the trip back down to get it reduced. Thankfully I was able to get mine reduced down to 89 & only pay $610 instead of $935. But regardless, be extremely cautious in this crooked town.

Treutlen County High School

Soperton, GeorgiaOct 23, 20201 Comments

They have speed cameras set up in the school zone in front of Treutlen County High School on GA 29 just outside of the city of Soperton GA; there are N bound and S bound cameras. Fine, I don’t typically speed through ACTIVE school zones.

What they don’t tell you is that these cameras stay active AFTER the school zone warning lights have gone out; for how long, I don’t know, but at 4:04pm EDT it was active and nailed me for 67 in a 55.

So if you’re going over 65mph in this zone during this time the warning lights are out and the cameras are still active, they will send you a photocop ticket with a $75 fine. Slick with the warning lights out. A money making racket if there ever was one.


I-16 sitting in the median facing traffic heading east

Soperton, GeorgiaSep 26, 20190 Comments

I’m not going to lie, I was speeding but I don’t know the exact number. But there was no traffic on a sunny day. Officer stated I was going 95 in a 70mph zone. He didn’t even tell me I had a ticket just handed me a paper and told me to sign. $610 for a fine, plus would be an additional $200 super speeder fine later from the State. That is RIDICULOUS!!! And if you can’t pay, you get probation. There should be a limit on fines like this.

Treutlen County, just before I-16

Soperton, GeorgiaJun 04, 20120 Comments

This is a well known speed trap. Coming out of town, it goes from 25-55 and then is downhill. They sit at the end of hill and try to get everyone who does not have local tags. I had the Cruise set to be 62 in the 55 and he said he clocked me at 74. My GPS had the same information. They know that you won’t bother to come back to Treutlen County to fight the ticket so they just get the money. It is a racket.

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