Stone Mountain, Georgia Speed Traps

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State Highway 78 West near Brockett Road

Stone Mountain, GeorgiaNov 27, 20070 Comments

After the I-285 interchange, I’ve noticed and received a ticket from a motorcycle cop that appears right after the slight bend to the right. If this is your route I’m sure you’ve seen him, but I tried to take this as a shortcut to N. Druid Hills when I-285 was backed up…and it cost me.

US Highway 78 near Bank of America Parking Lot

Stone Mountain, GeorgiaMay 30, 20070 Comments

As you are traveling east on Highway 78 in the hours of 0600 – 0800 , after passing Stone Mountain Park Entrance , the police set up traps here in front of the Bank continuously. Usually a car and a motorcycle. A lot of times its 2 motorcycles. The speed limit is 55 but changes just as you come over the top of the hill. It changes to 45 mph and they will stop anyone going the 5-10 mph over.

Alot of times on Weekends, but I see it 2-4 times per month as I go to work that way every morning.

US Highway 78 Stone Mountain Freeway near Park Place

Stone Mountain, GeorgiaFeb 13, 20060 Comments

US 78 in dekalb county starts out like an interstate (limited access, exits, etc.) but once you hit gwinnett co., there’s a hill just before the highway turns into a surface commercial street, and the speed drops to 45. Cop was waiting just past the hill where people who were driving highway speeds wouldn’t have a chance to slow down

4th Street near Main Street

Stone Mountain, GeorgiaAug 25, 20040 Comments

Unsubstantive speed findings. Refusal to show registered speed to violator. Excessive fines.($220.00-$440.00)

Panola Road

Stone Mountain, GeorgiaApr 22, 20020 Comments

The police are on the east side of the road, off the road, usually with a motorcycle. The traffic, after the AM rush hour — between 9am and 12am — can move rapidly along this road and the police are checking the flow from north to south. It is a guarantee sooner or later they catch someone over the limit.

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