Tifton, Georgia Speed Traps

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IH75 Near 59

Tifton, GeorgiaSep 23, 20140 Comments

Laser on top of over pass with 4 or 5 chase cars. Alarm went off and I was clocked before my foot hit the break. 70MPH zone. 15 over = $261.00! A legit ticket, but the 3 cars stopped all at once suggest the are winding up the revenue. County Sherrifs.

Approximately 5 miles off I75.

Tifton, GeorgiaSep 19, 20140 Comments

I exited off I75 onto Highway 82 to Birmingham, Alabama. I had cleared the normal fast food and gas stations. I was traveling between two trucks, therefore, I was not really paying much attention to my speed. An ambulance (with his lights off) was passing me on the inside lane. As we all topped a small rise in the road, there was a police officer parked horizontally on the side of the road. The truck in front of me swerved to the inside lane so I followed. Moments later, the police car was behind me with his lights on. My thoughts were, surely not me. I was in between two trucks. So, I pull over, he asks me what year my Nissan is. I tell him. He asks for my license and tells me he clocked me doing 72 in a 55. I told him I wasn’t going any faster than the truck in front of me or the ambulance passing us. He said he didn’t see it that way. He takes my license back to his car. A few minutes later he comes back, tells me to take my license and proceeds to have me sign the ticket. Telling me it doesn’t mean I am admitting guilt and that I can look on the computer in 7 – 10 days for the court date or the fine amount.
Here’s the kicker. I had just bought the vehicle from my sister. It was still titled in her name. Kentucky license plate. (I had Alabama driver’s license.) As he came back to the car, my thoughts were, here we go. I began taking all the paperwork from the glove compartment thinking I was about to have to explain the whole situation to him. He never asked for insurance and registration. He obviously didn’t even run the license plates. Otherwise he would have seen the car was not even registered in my name. It could have been stolen for all he knew.
As I drive away, approximately 5 miles down the highway, someone has painted a cartoon sign of a fat cop holding a laser gun with the words, “speed trap” beneath the picture.
How can crap like that be legal and they obviously are know for speed traps and continue to get away with it. How do I know he didn’t have that rate of speed locked in from another time?
I just got car insurance in my name after being without a vehicle for over 1 year. I can only imagine what this is going to do to my rates!

I-75 Exit 60

Tifton, GeorgiaAug 18, 20140 Comments

Several highway robbers masquerading as Sheriff officers waiting on the overpass at Exit 60 stopping one motorist after the other.

319 South @ City Limit

Tifton, GeorgiaApr 12, 20140 Comments

Police trapping for downhill ‘speeders’ in 45 MPH zone. Officer finds you automatically GUILTY of $245 fine. Boycotting fuel, food, and hotels in this little piece of revenue heaven.

I75 Tifton Exits

Tifton, GeorgiaApr 18, 20120 Comments

Two Tifton City Police are parked on the side of I75 with cars flying by at 70+ MPH. Their lights are flashing and they have a stopped car in between them. As you suddenly come upon the scene, before you can assess whether or not you have room to get over in speeding traffic, you are past it, and the police car in front pulls you over and tickets you $223.00 for violating the Move Over Law. They stop one unsuspecting person after another with this method, saying you had plenty of room to get over. Well, at 70 MPH, you can’t remember whether you did or not, and the staging of the set up is such that you are all up in it before you can do anything about it. SURPRISE!! As I drove away, they had caught another one. Cha ching! This law is intended to protect emergency personnel, not to enrich the coffers of Tifton, GA.

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