Tifton, Georgia Speed Traps

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From Tifton Georgia south to Adel Georgia

Tifton, GeorgiaMay 04, 20100 Comments

Cook County (Adel) and Tift County (Tifton) use I-75 as a means to generate income for their communities. I was pulled over while driving 65 mph driving south just past the main exit for Adel. There were cars blowing my doors off as they went by me, but on this day there were only two patrol cars.

I have seen as many as 8 patrol cars handing out tickets in a 1\2 mile area near Tifton. There were two additional cars waiting to give out tickets. Drive 45 mph and waive and smile as you pass law enforcement! Don’t give them your money!

Lake Dr & Station St

Tifton, GeorgiaNov 09, 20090 Comments

Road work south-bound I-75, 60mph posted. 6 or more patrol cars waiting immediately after the 60mph post. Not even enough time to slow down before being nabbed. I’m from out of state and will not know what my fine is for 10 days!

Interstate I-75

Tifton, GeorgiaApr 06, 20090 Comments

I work near this exit, and yes they are there very often. normally with one car clocking and 5-6 chase cars. Bet they make a lot of money.

I75 Expressway near Exit Number 59 Southwell Blvd

Tifton, GeorgiaAug 07, 20080 Comments

There are as many as 6-8 Tift County Sheriff cars waiting for speeders at the Northbound end of exit #59 on I75 at least once a week, sometimes more often. Otherwise it’s at least one at the bridge and one on the ramp for several hours each day. Mostly daylight hours.

North Tift Avenue near 20th Street

Tifton, GeorgiaJul 18, 20080 Comments

A five-lane street entering town from the north on hwy 125. The speed changes 3 times in a 2-mile stretch, from 55 to 35, with a long hill in the middle of the run. A motorcycle cop sits in any number of parking lots and is impossible to see. Occasionally cop cars do the same.

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