Zebulon, Georgia Speed Traps

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State Highway 19 near Pike County High School

Zebulon, GeorgiaMar 27, 20080 Comments

Be careful in the area of Zebulon on Hwy 19 near the high school. Speed limit goes from 55 to 45 back 55 mph. State Patrol CLAIMS I was in the 45 zone doing 61. Stated he passesd me traveling north while I was traveling south on Hwy 19. Received a ticket for doing 58 in a 45. 152.00 bucks.

US Highway 18 near The Water Tank

Zebulon, GeorgiaAug 04, 20070 Comments

If you are traveling into Zebulon from the east(Barnesville), you should remember to slow down before you get to the water tower. The speed limit drops from 55mph to 45mph QUICK…It will cost you out the ***. I was pregnant & was on my way back from Barnesville, when I stopped. Even after explaining why I was speeding(had to Pee) the officer just didn’t seem to care. All that was said is did I want to see the machine. At that point I really didn’t care about nothing but a toliet. My fine was $510.00 I went to court and explained it to the judge and it was dropped down to $210.00 and not put on my record. DON"T SPEED IN ZEBULON

US Highway 19 near Pike County Courthouse

Zebulon, GeorgiaAug 10, 20060 Comments

This is an area that has a pretty sharp curve; it’s just north of the Pike County Courthouse. The speed limit is 35 right next to the courthouse, but going around the curve the speed limit will jump from 35 to 45 to 55. The Zebulon Police Department will sit in the driveway at the Mcelroy Real Estate office on the left hand side and track you with Lidar. I was caught (the officer says) doing 54 in a 35 mph zone, but I believe she tracked me in the 45 mph zone. Nevertheless, I paid the ticket (a whopping $230!) and this ticket NEVER showed up on my MVR. Revenue enhancement?

US Highway 19 near Williamson Road

Zebulon, GeorgiaApr 22, 20060 Comments

When going north on 19 at the citgo store officers are sitting with their lights already on waiting for the next vehicle traveling as little as 5 mph over the limit. Sometimes one police car will have two cars pulled over at the same time. It’s not very fair.

State Highway 19 near City of Zebulon

Zebulon, GeorgiaJun 04, 20050 Comments

Going South, into Zebulon, watch out for officers sitting in bank parking lots. The entire city is locally known as a speed trap. They will pull you over at 5 miles over the speed limit. Especially where it becomes one-way traffic.

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