Haleiwa, Hawaii Speed Traps

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Haleiwa bypass road

Haleiwa, HawaiiAug 07, 20110 Comments

Solo bike officers and patrol officers right after speed limit drops to 35 mph or
just over the crest of the road after the bridge going towards Waimea Bay. Not every day but often enough to beware of.

State Highway Kamehameha/Leong near 1st Haleiwa turnoff

Haleiwa, HawaiiOct 24, 20071 Comments

As you are coming down the hill on Kam Highway into Haleiwa, the speed limit drops from 55MPH to 45MPH then 35MPH in a matter of a few hundred feet. With the downhill forces and an unrealistic drop in speed, you are likely to be cited at 20 over just before the stoplight at the first turnoff. They hide on the left side of the road headed into Haleiwa.


Haleiwa Bypass near Emerson Road

Haleiwa, HawaiiOct 01, 20071 Comments

On the Haleiwa Bypass north bound the police sit at the side street, Emerson Road and ticket the unsuspecting motorist where the speed limit abruptly changes from 45 to 35mph, for no other reason but to generate revenue.
By their actions generating a strong aversion among the community for the police in general.

State Route 99 near Haleiwa Bypass

Haleiwa, HawaiiSep 05, 20040 Comments

I have noticed enforcement, mostly at night, but that may be just because that is when I have been there. The speed limit along the North Shore is confusing, going from 35 to 45 and back, over and over again. In one place the speed limit goes to 45 mph for about 300 feet. At the Haleiwa bipass, the speed limit going towards Haleiwa (from the Dole plantation) is 45 mph, while the speed limit in the same place going away from Haleiwa is 35 mph. There is a reduce speed limit sign to 35 mph going away from Haleiwa, indicating that at some point in time the speed limit was 45 mph. It makes you wonder if the cops took down the 45 mph sign that is supposed to be there. The cops sit on the North side of the rode, after it widens out and you think you are on a highway, instead of a coastal rode.

State route 99 at state route 80 cutoff.

Haleiwa, HawaiiAug 01, 20010 Comments

While Driving south on 99 just south of the Dole plantation, taking the 99 cutoff (staying on the 99) at the intersection of the 99 and 80 the speed limit changes from 45mph to 25mph which is posted twice to 45mph and then to 35mph all in the distance of about 1500 to 2000 yards. The police sit in unmarked vehicles on the right side at the junction of the 99 and the 801. The distance at which they are able to judge your speed is less than 300 feet. I was recently stopped here (42mph in a 25 mph zone) but was fortunate to have a camera. I photographed the area in question and was fortunate also fortunate to photograph the issuing office stopping a total of three vehicles in eleven minutes. I explained to the Judge that at best the posted speeds were confusing and that I was acellerating into the next posted area (45mph). I was pulled over 300 yards into the 45mph zone. The Judge took into account the 220 feet from whick my speed was recorded and dismissed the case.

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