Lewiston, Idaho Speed Traps

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South bound coming down lewiston grade on highway 95

Lewiston, IdahoOct 12, 20101 Comments

The Idaho State Police have a speed trap on highway 95 coming into Lewiston from the north. As you go up the hill the speed limit is 65 mph. Coming down the hill the speed limit is 50mph. ISP sits at mile post 21 near the entrance to the landfill site and a runaway truck turn out. This grade is six miles long and you will gain speed as you go down the hill into lewiston.

Highway 12 coming from the east and entering Lewiston

Lewiston, IdahoOct 12, 20100 Comments

As you travel west bound into Lewiston the speed limit is 65 mph approximately up to the Flying J truck stop. The speed limit then drops to 45 mph just before the "y" to go north onto highway 95. Once you go around the curve into Lewiston the speed limit then drops to 35mph without warning. You basically have traffic regulation that drops from 65mph to 45 mph to 35mph in less than a quarter mile. ISP regularly writes tickets in this area especially since the ISP office is right there as well.

Prospect Avenue Grade – Main St. to 3rd Avenue

Lewiston, IdahoApr 23, 20101 Comments

Lewiston Police love to sit at the top of Prospect Grade, because it’s a prime speed trap. The hill itself isn’t very steep, but it is very easy to get going 5+ over the limit. Exercise *extreme* caution as soon as possible at the crest, because some LPD units have lidar, and you’ll get bit.

Prospect Avenue is clearly marked 25 MPH (residential), and runs parallel to Snake River Avenue (35 MPH). These are also the only two avenues in town that run north to south.

US 12 – Intersection of Main Street and Snake River Avenue

Lewiston, IdahoApr 23, 20100 Comments

US 12 at the east end of the Interstate/Blue Bridge (going into Clarkston, Washington), is another prime speed trap for Lewiston PD. They like to park their motorcycle cops in the median by the "Welcome To Historic Lewiston" sign, and shoot into traffic with their lidar. Why? Because NO ONE obeys the posted 25 MPH speed limit signs on the bridge. Whether you’re going to or from Clarkston, one way or another, you’re going to get a ticket…and Washington State’s infractions are far more expensive than Idaho’s.

Thain Grade/21st. St. – 19th Ave to Stewart Ave.

Lewiston, IdahoApr 23, 20100 Comments

Another major LPD speed trap is Thain Grade/21st St. It’s posted 35 MPH, and the hill isn’t very steep, but it is far too easy to be going 45+ by the time you get to Nez Perce Plaza or the Shopko turnoff. LPD will occasionally have one unit parked on the dirt road behind the old Wal-Mart, and at least FIVE units lined up at Nez Perce Plaza, or sitting over at Staples, with one or two others already writing tickets to unsuspecting drivers. Some officers are lenient, others would just as soon haul you to jail than give you the time of day.

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