Alton, Illinois Speed Traps

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In front of Alton High School on Humbert Road

Alton, IllinoisSep 09, 20100 Comments

Be sure you are aware of the times, that the school zone is active. There are no flashing lights on the SL sign during this time. The limit is 20mph. The limit on the road otherwise is 45mph. So If you were going 45-50mph, then you would have a ticket for 25-30mph over the speed limit. A cop will sit on the east side of the road in a driveway.

State Highway 67 near E. Broadway Street

Alton, IllinoisFeb 26, 20080 Comments

Officers use an unmarked car sitting on a praking lot near the street and use radar. Sometimes as many as five or six chase cars sit along the road and wait for the signal to stop speeding cars. There is about 6 blocks of straight level street, all four-lane and the speed limit is 30, which it is way easy to go over.

Alby Street

Alton, IllinoisJan 17, 20080 Comments

There are two spots police will radar at. One is at the church parking lot, and the other is the small clearing before the quarry, right after the 22nd street (the road the firestation is on) intersection.

State Highway The Great River Road Highway 100 near Grainery Silos

Alton, IllinoisDec 13, 20070 Comments

Police sit in the parking lot of the grainery right after a 30 degree turn following a stop sign when drivers are accelerating. The speed limit goes from 35 to 55 in less than a mile and drivers are accelerating to quickly and getting busted.

Great River Road near US Highway 67

Alton, IllinoisDec 05, 20070 Comments

Police wait around a corner in a parking lot up and to the right of the River Road. There are four lanes and easy to go over the 35 mile limit as you are going out of town. As you are approaching the corner where the police wait, you see a 45 MPH limit sign and have a tendency to speed up. Just after you see the 45 MPH sign, you look to the right and there are the police. The 45 MPH sign is just before a huge parking lot for tractor/trailers…if anything the 45 MPH sign should be farter down to protect the trucks from keep the 35 MPH limit posted so the drivers will not be suckered into thinking they are in a 45 MPH zone.

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