Blue Island, Illinois Speed Traps

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127th Street near Western Avenue

Blue Island, IllinoisOct 17, 20050 Comments

"Zero-Tolerance" shakedown on 127th St & Western Av Although the street is dark and riddled with potholes-(Blue Island Publics Works is the only thing worse than their police) the speed limit 30 is still too low and they also shakedown motorists for taillights & seatbelts-this town is notorious for profiling-

Western Street near 119th Street

Blue Island, IllinoisDec 07, 20030 Comments

Those who think that Stone Park is one of the worst for traffic citations have definitely not been in Blue Island, IL. Blue Island, Calumet Park, and Alsip share the same dubious distinction where they are extremely aggressive in traffic enforcement. Like Calumet Park, they also have instant-on radar and will not hesitate to nail you with it. As far as vehicles are concerned, they have the normal cadre of Crown Vics but have an Explorer, an Expedition 4WD, and 2 Intrepids.

However, one of the coolest things about Blue Island is that they will nail trains on Western, 127th, and 139th if they are tying up traffic. The reason for this is that those areas are in close proximity to a hospital (St. Francis) and these trains have a history of blocking the streets for hours on end.

But that aggressive enforcement is not solely for trains. Automotive drivers really have to be wary because these guys have been known to make Stone Park and Elburn look like choir boys.

Areas you need to be careful in:

Western Avenue: There are a lot of lots that the cops can use to hide. There are also plenty of side streets that they can park lights out and nail motorists. In addition, they are known to do rolling patrols on Western quite often.
Pay attention between 119th and 127th which is where they are going to be heaviest. Also, I recall them pulling a "wolf pack" years ago on Western where they had at least 6 cop cars parked lights out in a 1 block radius (2 in McDonald’s, 2 in Bank lot, 2 right by the main bank entrance). At 127th, they will park in the Walgreens lot after hours.
South of 127th, watch out around the side streets, loading docks, junkyards, and even the trailer parks in the area. They have been known to hide in those areas.

119th and Vermont Streets: These two are lumped together because they have one common thing that the cops use to nail motorists. The cops like to hide in the Metra station lots on both streets. On Vermont, there are three lots that they will hide in. The worst is the one by the Metra Electric because they cannot be seen until it’s too late. Also, both have side streets where they will hide with alarming frequency.

127th: Watch out around the bridge between Winchester and Gregory/Vincennes. If BIPD isn’t bad enough, Cal Park will join them on occasion and make life even more miserable. From time to time, there will be cops radaring from the bottom of that bridge to nail speeding motorists. Also, watch in the Jewel and Walgreens lots around Western. After that, watch the two side streets around the railroad tracks. Cops are seen radaring over in those areas quite frequently. Also watch out around the Bowling Alley, Eisenhower High School, the Pace Kiss and Ride Lot, and the Nombach Roofing lot.

Wireton Road: After the road curves, there are several places where they can park and hide. One of the worst is shortly after the road curves. They try to get motorists who don’t slow down for the reduced 30 mph limit coming south on Wireton. But going north, there are several loading docks and lots that they use to stealthily radar motorists.

The Entire Village

Blue Island, IllinoisNov 01, 20010 Comments

This burb is next door to Calumet Park and they have been also known to make Stone Park and Elburn seem like choir boys in comparison. They usually roll around in Crown Victorias but they have one LT-1 powered Caprice and an Expedition. The areas to watch are the following: 127th St between Winchester and Pulaski: As I stated in the description of the Calumet Park trap, these guys are known to assist Cal Park on occasion and the reverse is also true as I have seen Calumet Park cops and Blue Island nail motorists. Watch it around the bridge as they have been known to sit on the side streets bordering this bridge which starts at Winchester. Next is in the Jewel or Walgreens Parking lots after closing hours. Be especially careful around Greenwood St because the Police Station is on New and Greenwood. However, one thing that you will like about these cops is that they WILL ticket a train if it is taking too long to clear the tracks at 127th, 135th, and on Western past 139th. This town has been very tough on the trains in this area because of the proximity to St. Francis Hospital and the propensity of the trains to sit on the tracks for hours on end. But when there is no train to worry about, you STILL have something to be wary of. Blue Island is notorious for sitting on the side streets bordering both sets of tracks and they will radar traffic. Then after that, you have to worry about them sitting in the Burr Oak Bowling Lot, Eisenhower High School Lot, Pace "Kiss and Ride" Lot, and even the Citgo on Kedzie. Western: Very high enforcement here. I have seen "wolf packs" similar to the state police (1 car in Mc Donalds, 1 Car at the Charter One Bank, 2 across the street) around 119th and 120th. Plus, they are on rolling patrol 24/7/365. Watch the side streets. Vermont/119th: The main reason I put those two together is that they have a similar situation in speed traps. Watch out around the Metra stations in both areas. Vermont is worse because there are 3 places for the cops to hide as opposed to 2 on 119th St. Plus 119th near the Metra Station has a hill where speed can be built up easily and people will come off doing 35-40. Also watch the side streets as they will either sit or just appear out of nowhere.

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