Franklin Park, Illinois Speed Traps

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Grand Ave between 25th and 45 Mannheim

Franklin Park, IllinoisMay 03, 20180 Comments

Same Grand ave as well , but westbound between 25th and Manheim 45. The problem here is this is a big major street in a Chicago suburb where most speed limits are 40 or 45. Here it’s dropped to 30 to line the corrupt pockets of local city governments and police departments. This is a big money grab for them especially on Saturday nights. I will NEVER drive through this area again. A prime reason why people are leaving Illinois, and why the public has little regard for the police. It’s plain unjustified. I encourage you to go very slow here, and don’t do business with ANYONE on Grand ave in Franklin Park.

US Highway 12/45Mannheim Road near 294 to Cermak Road

Franklin Park, IllinoisAug 12, 20080 Comments

Mannheim Road is a six lane highway that travels through low to middle class commercial suburbs at a speed limit 10 MPH less than what it should be is one out of control speed trap. Stone Park is byfar the worst. Just put your cruise control on 30( even in the 25-30% portion of Mannheim which is 35.) and set up your camera phone or video camera in the back seat taping straight ahead with the speedometer clearly visible in the corner. I did that and got out of a couple tickets. It was in the morning and the cops seemed to have hang overs. One came up to me and said I was going fifty-something in a thirty. He was stuttering. In general, Mannheim Road is a road you must avoid completely. These are revenue hungry run down suburbs. Wait til’ they get just enough to buy a speed camera or two! Take the tri-state tollway(294) or first Avenue.

Grand Avenue near New RR underpass

Franklin Park, IllinoisAug 24, 20071 Comments

Radar car sits on the East side of the new railroad underpass and clocks eastbound vehicles. The Village is taking advantage if Drivers not being accustomed to the underpass and allowing their speed to climb while going dowhill. With the 30 MPH speedlimit posted, it’s fairly easy to accidently let your speed climb to 40 when going down the hill. The radar will be on the Southside of the street just to the East of the underpass on an access roadway. You won’t see him until it’s too late.

Manheim Road near Fullerton Avenue

Franklin Park, IllinoisAug 09, 20070 Comments

Heading north on Manheim road from Fullerton There are many places Cook County and Franklin park sit all the way up to Belmont Ave, The Cook county Sheriffs office is right there and occasionally they set up a Checkpoint also.

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