Grant Park, Illinois Speed Traps

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State Highway 17 near State Highway 1

Grant Park, IllinoisMay 12, 20080 Comments

Officers use this route as a money maker for Grant Park. They are outside city limits but if you pay the ticket it goes directly to the town. They sit on 17 just before the 2 towers usually behind pine trees heading east.

State Route 1 near State Highway 17

Grant Park, IllinoisAug 04, 20070 Comments

T intersection before the curve where the Radio Antennas are located. Police hide and shoot radar for speeding. Also, this T Intersection is a very popular spot for SeatBelt and Sobriety Checkpoints during Holidays and Summer days. They stop you if you go 11 over the limit as well.

State Route 1 near State Route 17

Grant Park, IllinoisJul 18, 20070 Comments

Speed trap at the intersection of route 1 and 17 just on the outside of Grant Park IL 60940

State Route 1 & 17 near county line Road

Grant Park, IllinoisJan 06, 20050 Comments

grant park police & kankakee county sherrif sit at the red radio towers on the rt 17 curve fairly often also behind the the old truck scale at the rte 1/17 turn off grant park and ill state police also sit at countyline rd in the dark you cant see them the speed limit is 55 mph and they will get you

Highway 1 (aka 17)

Grant Park, IllinoisNov 01, 20010 Comments

Grant Park is a village that probably is all of 16 blocks large, probably a population of under 200. The cop sits at the boundary as 1/17 approaches from the west. There is a 45 MPH sign at the usual distance from the city. There is a 35 MPH sign well before the town begins, which is absurd. But the real problem is that this is a trap. I had a radar detctor so I paid careful attention to my speed. The cop still wrote me a ticket for doing 51 in a 35, which I know is completely false. He obviously clocked me before I reached the speed zone. Moreover, the county citation forms says this "violation" is $75, but he wrote the ticket for $95. Nice racket. There is lots of transient traffic through this town. He can write $4000 worth of tickets a day, knowing that most of them won’t be contested.

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