Hebron, Illinois Speed Traps

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Marci Ln & Harrison Ave

Hebron, IllinoisMay 28, 20090 Comments

This is the local Fire and Rescue building. It’s too easy coming in from the west on 173 to forget to drop your speed. The limit here is 35 mph and the local PD will often sit in the lot weekend nights. Going west out of town watch your speed! You get the feeling your out of town but your not. Coming in from the west on 173 there is a sign that warns of reduced speed ahead. Some times they will sit just a little futher east on 173 at the entrance to the shutter company parking lot just up from the fire rescue building.

State Route 173 near State Route 173

Hebron, IllinoisJul 05, 20070 Comments

Cops sit with a SUV east, west, and north entrances to town. They are very very picky on speeders. I have gotten two tickets in Hebron. They hide everywhere. Be careful and a get a detector.

State Highway 47 near State Highway 173

Hebron, IllinoisMar 21, 20070 Comments

If you are traveling into or out of Hebron from the south, they like to sit at the high school, right where the speed limit changes from 55 to 40. They also sit at the fire dept off of rt 173 where the speed limit is 30. Another spot I have seen them sit is right at the enterance of the new subdivision off of rt 173, right where the speed limit goes from 55 to 40. Beware that you are going the speedlimit through this town, and watch the signs as they change at the most random spots. There has not been a day yet where I haven’t seen the police waiting to catch speeders.

State Route 47 near State Route Illinois 173

Hebron, IllinoisMar 28, 20060 Comments

Hebron, IL is a small town in northern Illinois located just south of the Wisconsin border. Hebron is a primary cossing point for tourists that are headed into Lake Geneva, WI from Illinois. This fact is highly exploited by the Hebron Police Department. Two State Routes intersect in the middle of Hebron and both of these routes into and out of town are heavily enforced. Heading south from the IL/WI border on Route 47 into town, the speed limit is reduced from 55 mph to 40 mph. Where the speed limit drops to 40 mph is at the top of a fairly steep downgrade heading into town. It usually requires drivers to use the brakes to maintain 40 mph as they continue downhill. Unfortunately, at the bottom of the hill there is a slight turn that hides a sign indicating that the speed limit is now 30 mph and it cannot be seen until you are already passing this sign. By then, it is too late as the Police are sitting and taking radar just a little ways past this 30 mph sign. Please be aware, this is not the only spot that is "enforced". The Hebron Police will often sit hidden in the tree line going out of town (any direction). As Hebron is located in a rural area, drivers will begin to speed up to the normal limit of 55 mph as they are exiting town through the surrounding cornfields. The Police will frequently wait at the outskirts of town and ticket drivers that are leaving town faster than 35 mph – even though this area is nothing but cornfields. Note: Hebron has a population of approximately 1,100 residents – yet will have 3 – 4 Police cars operating at any given time.

Rte. 47 &/or Rte. 173

Hebron, IllinoisAug 06, 20020 Comments

Any direction, any time – the town has about 1000 residents, and about 10 officers – they are very strict. There is a school district on the highway, and a business district – lots of kids on bikes, older people, etc. As a result, the officers have decided to crack down and make a point of slowing traffic.

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