Hickory Hills, Illinois Speed Traps

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Seat belt trap

Hickory Hills, IllinoisMay 10, 20100 Comments

79th and Roberts Road.Cops are parked in shopping center.When light is red they walk thru traffic and tell people to pull over because they are not wearing their seat belt.I don’t know how right this is but they got me and are making tons of money on this corner.

Roberts Road near 95th Street

Hickory Hills, IllinoisJun 04, 20081 Comments

Brand new photo enforcement of red light. Problem is, you get a ticket in the mail for a legal turn on red. There are No Turn On Red signs posted with an additional sign that reads When Pedestrians are Present. Can probably beat the ticket with a photo, but you will get a ticket for a legal right turn on red. Just a hassle people don’t need to deal with.

88th avenue Street near 90 Street

Hickory Hills, IllinoisApr 17, 20080 Comments

Going southbound or north beware and slow down School zone that is not marked well at all! If you are going south you climb a hill and going down it you enter school zone radar where they nail you. No flashing lights and they will ticket you even if there isn’t kids near the road or crossing gaurd. You lose your liscence automatically for 3 months! no joke it happened to my neighbor who never speeds. He had to get an attorney 300. later and a heavy fine he was more upset that they pull $ out of here all the time yet have no flashing light to indicate that there are kids just over the hill in the school zone. If the administration of town cared about the students truly they would buy the flashing light to warn the drivers to slow down. They are using the kids, hilly topography and the school zone law to make $ for themselves not keep a safe area. Shame on them.

95th Street near 84th Avenue

Hickory Hills, IllinoisSep 04, 20071 Comments

This is another Hickory Hills trap. The officer sits in the apartment complex that is adjacent to the golf course and across the street from the church on 95th St. The traffic moves well above the limit and the cops ticket it pretty regularly.

Kean Avenue near 92 Street

Hickory Hills, IllinoisSep 04, 20070 Comments

This trap is at the bottom of the hill on Kean Ave. The officer will sit in someones driveway as you head North on Kean down the hill. We have tried going the posted 30 on this hill and really still have been able to it by coasting down and riding our breaks. So thought you all could use the heads up.

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