Mendota, Illinois Speed Traps

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Mendota High School-U.S. RT. 52

Mendota, IllinoisMay 22, 20102 Comments

When you are coming into Mendota from the West on Rt. 52 the speed limit changes from 55 to 40 while still in the country. When you come over the hill you then see the squad car pulling out to get you. The officer who gave me my ticket, was a very polite and handsome young man who was very firm but a joy to be pulled over by. Be alert for the signs!

State Highway 34 near Interstate 39

Mendota, IllinoisAug 13, 20071 Comments

The police car sits on a piece of property right after the 39 junctions on route 34. By the Busters family restrant and the BP. If you are comeing into town you are not able to see the police till you top the brige on 34. By then they have you!

State Highway 251

Mendota, IllinoisJul 06, 20061 Comments

On Hwy 251 going from Peru Illinois from interstate 80 heading to Mendota. 500 yds (I talked to a lawyer in the town and he gave me the yardage) after the city limits starts they drop the speed limit to 45 and sit right on the other side of the sign. This road is straight as can be and no hills or anything. Also the town of Mendota has population of 7,000 and the section they patrol is at least 5 miles outside of any type of residential or business. This is 2 hours outside Chicago and is all corn fields. The worst part is I got a ticket for doing 61 in a 45 (on a road that should be 55) and the cop wrote the ticket up as must appear in court ticket and I live in California. I did not give him any attitude or anything as this only makes matters worse.

US Highway 34 near Near Del Monte Corp.

Mendota, IllinoisApr 13, 20041 Comments

The mendota Police now have this high tech unmarked squad which looks like a Christmas tree when it is lit-up. It supposedly has a radar which is a prototype and is undetectable. They have been really hitting the area on Rt. 34 as you approach town from the East. This goes from a 55 to a 45 to a 40 then to a 35 within about two miles so beware. They love to sit at Fasco and catch the cars coming in. Remember this is a 40mph zone! AND WEAR YOUR SEATBELT they are one of the areas toughest Deparmtnets for enforcement!

US Highway 251 near In front of the New High School

Mendota, IllinoisApr 11, 20040 Comments

This town is brutal when it comes to enforcment. The Officers are very polite and show a great deal of professionalism, but have no mercy! The speed limit in front of the new High School is 40mph so people coming in from the North are travelling well over 50 and the people leaving are well over 50 alos. This town’s police agency is highly distinguished in traffic safety and have staggering amounts of monthly citations.

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