Metamora, Illinois Speed Traps

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Westbound on 116

Metamora, IllinoisNov 30, 20101 Comments

Dirty speed trap by design, travelling west as you approach Metamora from a 55 zone you’ll enter a 45 zone. Pretty well labeled. The dirty part is right after the second 45 limit you run into a 35 mile zone and 20 mile school zone with a block of the second 45 limit sign. In less then a block after them you run into 30 mile zone before it turns back into a 35 mile zone a block or so later. Those travelling during the weekdays can easily find themselves going TEN to TWENTY-FIVE miles over the limit in less then 10 seconds after the 45 limit sign if new to the area or not paying attention to road signs. Night and weekend travels can be caught going 10 to 15 miles over. Those who tend to travel 3-5 miles over the limit are often the victims here. Those passing slower traffic in the passing lane will still draw a ticket.

Best to avoid Metamora and IL-116 in general. Westbound Travellers to Peoria travelling on I-39 should either exit earlier onto IL-18 (not labeled as an exit for Peoria) rather then IL-17 (labeled as an exit for Peoria). You end up cutting through Metamora still but avoid the speed trap because you’ll have already slowed down to make the turn at the intersection. Or travel further south on I-39 to El Paso or even to the I-74 exit near Bloomington. Longer distance but in terms if time? Only a difference of FIVE to TEN minutes. A welcome trade off from an expensive speeding ticket. Better MPG even in a fuel efficient vehicle.

1 1/2 Mile 116 Stretch through Metamora

Metamora, IllinoisMay 11, 20100 Comments

Metamora police love to sit in the turn lanes/medians with their signal lights on pretending like they are going to turn when they are actually checking radar and looking for seatbelt violations.

State Route 116 near Susan Lane

Metamora, IllinoisNov 22, 20060 Comments

Radar and Seat Belt heavy duty enforcement. Don’t come
to Metamora unless you’re absolutely forced to. Its not
worth it. Don’t buy anything in Metamora, don’t buy gas
don’t stop, go completely around the entire city. If
you value your drivers license at all don’t go to Metamora.

State Highway RT. 116 near State Highway Rt. 1i6 City Limits

Metamora, IllinoisDec 18, 20051 Comments

Metamora Cruisers set at both ends of town waiting for speeders. Biggest trap is the zone just on the south edge of town heading south into Germantown. Police set up radar at the culvert factory on the West side of the road. North end of town by Synder Village. Relentless 24/7 traps.

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