Mound City, Illinois Speed Traps

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Just north of Mound City…no nearby exit

Mound City, IllinoisMar 23, 20200 Comments

This is a supposed ‘construction zone’. BEWARE…reduce speed to exactly 55 mph. They will ticket you for 10 over the construction zone speed limit regardless of actual speed.
The fine is from $600-$1000. You will need a lawyer. NO one speaks with the judge. This is NOT a construction zone. No workers. No equipment. But they line up 5-8 Hwy Patrol to nail you in an area barely .08 miles long. There are plenty of warnings. DO NOT IGNORE THEM.

On Interstate #57 South in Pulaski County – Mound City IL.

Mound City, IllinoisOct 23, 20190 Comments

I drive many miles. Worst abuse of the citizens & Construction Interstate Laws I have ever witnessed. From 70 MPH to 55 instantly. Not a single worker present anywhere for miles before & after. On Sunday September 15th, 2019. Must have been a busy day for the Ullin Police Department. Had cars pulled over all over the place. My very arrogant police officer was #250. Said he clocked me 68 in a 55. If I would have chocked it down when I saw the only sign, a Semi would have rear ended me. I was pulling a car on a trailer & was from out of state. Imagine that.
Today was court. I drove 400 miles to appear. There were 303 people in court with traffic tickets in the same construction zone, where there is no construction. My cost was $812.00. If you pay the court $100 extra they will not turn you in so you get points. I saw folks having to pay in excess of a $1000 today. Illinois corruption at it’s best. Must have learned it from the Governor of the state. Mound City, Illinois is a dirty little economically depressed city & county & this is what they are doing to cash in. The Courthouse looked like an abandoned school house and was in major disrepair. Will NEVER enter this Pulaski County again. Beware. Please someone investigate this dirty little county & its speed trap operation.

Interstate 57 both north and south

Mound City, IllinoisSep 19, 20193 Comments

It is set up as a construction zone with barriers narrowing the interstate to one lane and closing off the left lane. There is no sign stating that the speed should be reduced. There are two local policemen in the median clocking motorists as they enter the “construction zone”. There is nothing wrong with the road either going north or south. On Sunday, September 15, 2019, there were no construction workers, no construction equipment, and absolutely no indications that any kind of construction was happening at all. The policeman quotes the speed he clocked as the motorist came to the first barrier, despite the motorist immediately releasing the cruise control and slowing. The policeman states that because it is speeding in a construction zone the motorist must present to the court no matter where in the United States the motorist lives. The least expensive ticket for speeding is $265. It is unclear if this is going to be more because it is “construction”. If the motorist cannot attend the court he must obtain an Illinois attorney, starting at another $350. The day we were stopped another motorist was stopped on the opposite side of the interstate. The police man who stopped us was a Ullin City Policeman wearing a black T-shirt with POLICE printed on the back. This is clearly a speed trap and needs to be investigated.

Pulaski Co – Mound City IL

Mound City, IllinoisAug 07, 20170 Comments

Pulled over a couple miles north of the Mound City exit … headed south.

Pulaski Co Sheriff deputy pulled 4 cars over, stated that we were driving 100 mph, misdemeanor and mandatory court appearance. He came back to the car and stated that today is your lucky day, one of the drivers is from outside of the country and he was going to drop it to 94mph and gave us information on how to get ticket off of our record. We were speeding in the low-80’s, but not 100 mph.

I57 Mile Marker 20, Pulaski Co., IL

Mound City, IllinoisJul 08, 201510 Comments

On 6/12/2015 was pulled over (2nd car of three) at mile marker 20 on I57 in Pulaski Co, IL. Was cited for speeding in construction zone 74/55. No lane reductions, no warning signs, no flashing lights, no reduction in speed sign. Nothing indicating a legal construction zone according to IDOT standards. All we noticed was 3 barrels in median by overpass support posts. Under contact 78319, District 9, the construction zone that was coming was to run from the 17th to the 27th mile marker. On 6/12/2015 there was a construction zone about 2 -3 miles north of this site but not at the 20 mile marker. This was confirmed by the IDOT that this construction area was sit up in two sections. We would like to hear comments from people who traveled through there before and after 6/12/2015 when it was not a construction site. We know that on 6/29/2015 the construction zone had legally been sit up as a construction zone with the cross over in place at mile marker 20 where sheriff was sitting. We feel that probably hundreds of people have been caught in this county fabrication. Just an avenue to provide revenue to the county by the sheriff’s department.

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