Mound City, Illinois Speed Traps

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I-57 interstate

Mound City, IllinoisDec 09, 20140 Comments

Targets out of state license plates knowing you can’t attend and Illinois goes straight to the bank. Never had a ticket was not going the speed on the radar and cars were passing our car.

Construction zone coming off the Missouri to Illinois bridge

Mound City, IllinoisNov 01, 20110 Comments

The workers will blow crap from the work zone onto and into your car. I came through the work zone at posted speed and then the worker was sand blasting my car and the dust was coming in the car and I started sneezing and as I attempted to get out of harms way the local sheriff’s officer stopped me for speeding. This is worse than a normal speed trap because it hurts people and destroys the paint on your car. I thought the sheriff’s department was there to support public safety not to deliberately put us in harms way so they could get more money.

I-57 Pulaski County Illinois

Mound City, IllinoisJan 31, 201140 Comments

Construction zone near Mound City, Illinois. County sheriff had someone pulled over and I passed, giving plenty of room. About a mile north of the construction zone the cop got behind me and pulled me over. This was on a Saturday with no workers present. It seems like this area is a permanent construction zone. Cop said I need to appear in court per the state law. I plan to call the Sheriff’s office and pay it by mail and move on. I don’t live in Illinois.

On I-57 just over the Kentucky border into Illinois

Mound City, IllinoisJan 20, 20111 Comments

Got a speeding in construction zone which required court appearance. I live out of state so wasn’t surprised when the state trooper stopped only me even though whole group I was in was speeding. Has to call locate lawyer who’s first question to me was ” Is your ticket for speeding construction zone?” He unofficially informed me, “Yeah, that area is a speed trap.” I got my ticket in Dec, there was snow on the ground and no workmen anywhere in site. Lawyer told me, “Yeah they leave those signs up all year long, they won’t be working out there until March or April.” What a scam!
So watch out on I-57 in Pulaski County, Illinois.
I had just gone over the Missisippi River on the bridge that takes you from Kentucky into Illinois.

Interstate 57 near pulaski county

Mound City, IllinoisJun 13, 20052 Comments

during summer, we have observed these officer rise from bushes in the highway median with radar guns, hiding on overpasses, and flat out lying about speeders. people from all over the US are in their courts for 1/4 stretch of interstate…then everyone has to appear in court mid week and all are guilty….this is their only means of income….then charge outrageous fees for processing…

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