Oswego, Illinois Speed Traps

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Plainfield Road near Ashcroft Road

Oswego, IllinoisSep 12, 20070 Comments

Over the course of 3 years I’ve received 3 speeding tickets in this location. Speed limits have drastically changed and have not been properly marked.

Orchard Road near Mill Road

Oswego, IllinoisNov 16, 20060 Comments

Either a black-and-white Oswego police car or an unmarked black Crown Victoria will sit on the side of Orchard Road either before or after the hill by Mill Road (by park-n-ride). They like to get Montgomery residents. Usual officer doing this in the day does go to court – he’s a regular who’s been commended for his high ticket count – the judges know him well and won’t throw out tickets. Make sure you are going 45 mph even though the posted limit is 50 – they claim it drops to 45 at the crest of the hill even though it’s not marked.

Treasure Drive near Harvey Road

Oswego, IllinoisNov 16, 20060 Comments

Oswego police target Oswego East high school students on this road and bully them (most students are not from Oswego). Usual black and white squad is in a dead-end cul-de-sac in this residential area with a radar gun. However, some Oswego black and whites just randomly driving around on this residential road will pull over students if they see an Oswego East parking hanger in the windshield. Easy to fight the tickets because these officers don’t use radars -make sure to ask if you are pulled over – if they don’t answer yes, go to court.

Ferndale Street near Boulder Hill Pass Crossing

Oswego, IllinoisSep 18, 20060 Comments

The area along Ferndale in Boulder Hill is highly enforced by Kendall County Poleeze. I have received 2 tix for doin the slow roll (& I mean slow) through the intersection of Ferndale & Rockland. They are always clocking on Ferndale.

State Route 71

Oswego, IllinoisMay 11, 20050 Comments

at 7:30am to 8:00am Oswego Police cars sit and help the teens and other kids get a cross Rt71 and at 2:30pm to 3:00pm same thing happens, by the Jr high and the high schools. one black ford crow vic unmarked and one fully marked crown vic will have there lights flashing and i dont dare flying throw there 35mph during school hours. and between i have no idea where this cop sits. But almost every day right before Rt71 turns into Rt34 off to the left Ka band gos off when your right on top of the officer, but have not found out where he is sitting at.

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