Richmond, Illinois Speed Traps

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173 to N Solon Dr by Hwy 12

Richmond, IllinoisJun 11, 20150 Comments

Speed is posted 55 miles an hour and drops to 30 Miles an hour 2 block before getting to Hwy12 by the train track. Police officer sits by the grocery store acrose on Hwy 12 ,
Police officer claims spot you at the train track and that he was by the tracks. In court DOT NOT give your right to a JURY, Judge will persuade you do so because if Jury is not in 45 days the case will automatically be dismissed + you have more of a chance to be find not guilty with a Jury that will clearly see going from 55 to 30 miles an hours is a speed trap. Judge will make you give your jury right away by explaining it will only take 1 day with him but 2 days with the jury (Persuasions). After he persuade you to give up your jury right if you like a trial, He will probably give you a public defender which is mostly working for the judge and will not really fight for your case. They will give you a deal of $400 + Traffic school. If you decide to believe in the justice system and go to trial to fight your clear innocence, At the end you will be find Guilty by the Judge who is part of the corruption and unethical speed trap system. He will obligates you to pay 657 dollars (if not you will go to jail up to 6 month) , your other option, after giving your Jury right away by the judge, is to appellate. Which is just another part of the game.. It does not mean anything because the Judge according to the McHenry County Government Center “ The judge can make any decision he feels like” and “if you will like to appealed you will need to hire a lawyer because I can’t give information of how to appeal and neither there is an application”.. The whole case is just very sad and there is no defense what so ever. Justice will not be serve, corruption will… You will only be able to tell your story in a website like this. The system somehow allows for unethical criminal to get away with taking innocent people’s money.
If this ever happened please fight it. I will take time but at least you are not being a part of the problem but the solution. Also know:
– Illinois State law requires a ten miles reduction in speed increment. ( but is up to the judge to validate it, in my case he didn’t)
– Most radar guns need to be recalibrated every 30-60 days, One solid argument is to prove that the measurement device is faulty ( in my case , the officer admitted not to calibrated his gun for an entired year and still got away with it. So again the Judge according to the McHenry County Government Center “ The judge can make any decision he feels like”)
– Look for misidentifies highway name on the ticket Or any other mistake ( He it really depends on the judge)- traffic ticket improperly filled out.
– All the cases of speed traps are very know but everyone in the court house, they will how ever make you believe there are not familiar with it. Especially the officer, he will argue that he was just driving by the area when say you driving fast. So try to go back video tape him as many time you can, and argue he is lying in court. (unfortunately the public defender won’t really make the case for you and to higher a lawyer can cost you more than the ticket so there is not to many options.
– Ask for the engineering map of the street to justify the speed decrease.

Rte. 173 East of U.S. Hwy. 12 (Downtown)

Richmond, IllinoisMar 20, 20100 Comments

Heading west on 173 towards Richmond (near entance to the Richmond Hunt Club), the speed limit drops from 55 to 35. From that point all the way to Rt. 12 the police find different areas of cover to ‘snag you’. They have been known to ticket for as little as 5mph over, so be very cautious and start to slow down as soon as you see the ‘speed limit 35 ahead’ warning sign. This area has been a bad spot for as long as I can remember…

US Highway 12 near State Route 173

Richmond, IllinoisMay 31, 20070 Comments

Going north on Hwy 12 from 31, the speed limit is 55 and then as you start getting closer to town it goes from 55 to 45 to 35 to 30 all in just a few block area. The cops usually sit on the west side of the street across from the area by Van’s grocery store.

State Highway 173 near US Highway 12

Richmond, IllinoisMar 25, 20070 Comments

Off of US Hwy 12, heading east on 173 towards Antioch, just before you get to a hill, where the speed limit becomes 55, it is still actually on 35…Watch out! They sit off to the side of the road and you don’t spot them until it’s too late!

US Highway 12 near State Highway 31

Richmond, IllinoisApr 06, 20050 Comments

On Route 12, between Routes 31 and 173, there is always a police car in the area. Richmond PD likes to enforce rediculous statutes and ordinances (for example: the color of street legal lights on the vehicle)

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