Rosemont, Illinois Speed Traps

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Red Light Cameras at N. River Rd. & W. Higgins Rd. and Mannheim Rd. & W. Higgins Rd.

Rosemont, IllinoisMar 01, 20101 Comments

Red light cameras. Come to complete stop before you turn right on red.

River Road near Bryn Mawr Street

Rosemont, IllinoisNov 09, 20070 Comments

Photocop on Red Light turn. Southbound River Rd onto Westbound Bryn Mawr. Never sleeps $100 ticket in the mail.

Interstate 294 near Interstate 90

Rosemont, IllinoisDec 07, 20030 Comments

Illinois State Police District 15 is already one of the most aggressive districts in terms of enforcement. But on this stretch of 294, this is one of the busiest in terms of enforcement. When it gets close to a holiday, it is not uncommon to see at least 10 or more stopped cars in that stretch.

In terms of the unmarked cars, besides the usual Crown Vics and Impala, I have seen vehicles such as Grand Prix GTPs, Mustang GTs, Z28s, 1 WS-6, the infamous Caravan, a Suburban, and even a LeSabre. All of the forementioned vehicles do not have any type of distinguising markings, thus making them harder to spot in traffic. But some of these cars have dual firing radar.

As far as locations are concerned, watch any of the on/off ramps leading to the O’Hare, Hinsdale, and Lincoln Oases. Also, be especially careful between the Hinsdale Oasis and the 82nd Street Toll. I have seen them hide in the following locations:

a) Shoulder near Hinsdale Oasis:
I have seen a Blue LS-1 powered Z28 around there from time to time. I have also seen the GTPs on rolling patrol between I-55 and the Hinsdale Oasis. They will use the curves and bridge abutments to their advantage

On Ramp from LaGrange Road to S/B 294:
I have seen marked State Police and County Sheriff units radaring folks from that point.

75th Street On Ramp/Off Ramp:
Troopers will sit there and radar traffic

82nd Street and 22nd Street Toll Plazas:
They will sit at the end of the I-Pass lanes or on the side.
Their main goals in those areas are to nab speeders and folks who do not have an I-Pass blowing through the I-Pass lanes. I have also seen marked and unmarked cars in the toll employee parking lots waiting to nab motorists.

95th to 127th:
Watch the ramps at both locations. In addition, the road in that area is quite curvy and the cops use that to their advantage. There are a couple of turnaround lanes in that stretch.

135th to I-80:
Ramps, turnaround lanes, and the 163rd St. Toll Plaza. They will also use bridge abutments to hide.

Westbound 90 just after the toll plaza

Rosemont, IllinoisAug 28, 20030 Comments

Unmarked Dark green Dodge Intrepid Plate #231-6816. No visible blinkers on rear window. Seems to target motorists just leaving the westbound toll plaza. I’ve not been tagged but just wanted to share the information.


Rosemont, IllinoisSep 01, 20010 Comments

A couple of things. First of all, these troopers in District 15 (Tollway) are rather aggressive in speed enforcement. They tend to use the same motto as Malcom X – By ANY means necessary.

First of all, you have troopers in unmarked cars. Quite literally, I have seen Camaro Z28s, Mustang GTs, Grand Prix GTPs, a Suburban, and the regular cadre of unmarked Crown Vics and Impalas nailing people. However, the ones in the unmarked cars are the ones you have to watch out for. These contain a trooper who is known to have high "activity." Translation: A very aggressive ticket writing trooper. Some of these cars have front and rear firing radar (Primarily the Mustangs and Camaros).

Sometimes, these guys will sit on ramps or near bridge abutments to nail speeders. I have also seen them sit at the end of I-Pass lanes to nail motorists who don’t observe the 30 mph limit or do not have an I-Pass. The areas to really watch out for are between the 22nd Street cashbox and 127th St. A lot of that road is very curvy and they use that to their advantage. Also, they will be sitting near the Hinsdale Oasis (Be especially careful if you see a Navy Blue Z28 around there as it is one of the LS-1 powered versions). After I-55, they will sit near abutments, and on the ramp from LaGrange. Then if the troopers aren’t enough to worry about, then you have the Cook County Sheriff’s Police. They will use many of the same tricks as the troopers and are just as aggressive.

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