Borden, Indiana Speed Traps

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State Road 60 by the Ice Cream Shop

Borden, IndianaMay 14, 20180 Comments

Borden is a nice town but their cops mean business, if it says 30 mph they mean it!!!!!!! There’s one of those guys out there apparently he thinks he’s on the highway patrol or something, he tears it up with citations only, he cost me 171.00 for 33 in a 30; I was found guilty on a make believe trial. So slow down when you come through this little town because that one little cop with the big head has a fast pen and an even better radar apparently. This guy drives the charger and boy does he take his job serious!!!!!!!

SR 60- 12 Miles East of Salem, 11 Miles West of Sellersburg

Borden, IndianaFeb 16, 20180 Comments

Crooked little town with crooked cops that sits around all day looking for people to catch going 35 in a 30 mph zone. All the while there is a massive drug problem and crime issues in the surrounding community along with other criminal problems. Yet this town collects a great deal of its local money from traffic tickets and people going through town 3 to 5 mph over the limit. All the while the town has no real industry or much in the way of businesses other than a couple markets and a gas station. Watch your speed in this area because they pride themselves in saying we’re watching you. All the while, their town looks like a dump.

Borden Indiana

Borden, IndianaJan 07, 20170 Comments

Speed limit is 55, for miles, then there’s a small “town”, like so small you don’t realize it’s a town before you’re coming out of it, I was being pulled over and myself and daughters didn’t understand why, I look up and speed limit is still 55, so what in the world? Apparently, for like 3 ft, (yes, it legit felt like it), it was 30 mph. So 55 to 30 is dangerous in itself, almost an impossible feat unless you’re familiar with the area. It’s a crappy thing to do to people passing through, we’re already struggling finanacially, I hope they feel better about themselves, now I have to choose which bill I can’t pay this month, or not feed my family.

US Highway 60 near Borden Road

Borden, IndianaApr 06, 20060 Comments

In front of the Kimbell Office Furniture Plant especially; but it is bad all the way through town.

State Highway 60, 12 Miles East of Salem

Borden, IndianaJan 01, 20011 Comments

Don’t be fooled by thier politeness. These officers are very aggressive on traffic. I live and drive a truck in this area and these cops are well known in this area. Where it says 30 mph they mean 30mph

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