Carmel, Indiana Speed Traps

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on main street just west of 1st avenue

Carmel, IndianaJun 21, 20110 Comments

a cop riding in motorcycle with a radar gun parking just at the start of the 20mph speed zone from a 30mph zone. just got a ticket for 30mph entering 20mph zone.

Michigan Road on the far west side of Carmel

Carmel, IndianaJun 14, 20110 Comments

I was pulled over on Michigan Road at about midnight on a Sunday on a wide open, empty, multi-lane highway for driving 52 in a 45. He followed me to a few miles to Shelborne before actually turning on his lights. I was told later that I would not be successful contesting it since Carmel Police are required to show up in court for all traffic violation cases. Nice cash cow. They love to shear the sheep in our town. About a month later I was pulled over on Keystone doing 42 in a 30 MPH poorly-posted “Construction Zone.” There was actually nothing being constructed at the time except a scheming officer constructing a ploy to nab an unsuspecting violator of the law in Caligula’s domain.

Mohawk Trail Grad School

Carmel, IndianaMar 05, 20110 Comments

25 mile per hour shool speed zone. Local LEO will sit in either West Parking lot (behind the AT&T equipment) or in the East lot (blind spot for East bound traffic) and pick off the motorists coming down hill into the speed zone. (TRICKY)

All Round-abouts crossing Keystone (106; 116;126;131 and 136

Carmel, IndianaMar 05, 20110 Comments

Each new round-about has a posted speed of 15 mph. I have seen Law enforcement filling their quotas using early morning communters as examples.


Carmel, IndianaJan 28, 20111 Comments

I lived in Carmel for 30 years and just moved out in the country. That town is riddled with low-rent cops that have to keep a quota to pay for the new music hall.

Once my taxes went up AGAIN (8 times in 26 months) I had enough of it. I wouldn’t speed in that town for anything.

Try driving on Meridian south of 465 around rush hour…. Takes 2 years to get from one stoplight to the next. That town is SO corrupt… Heck, I used to be on the council and saw it first hand. I washed my hands clean of that place.

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