Hammond, Indiana Speed Traps

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Hohman Avenue (Multiple)

Hammond, IndianaApr 03, 20150 Comments

Hohman Avenue has many spots where cops like to catch speeders since the speed limit is intentionally rigged too low. Kenwood School (Hohman & 165th/River Oaks Drive) has an alleyway they hide in to make sure you drop down to 20 even after school hours, Heading North, they hide in Napleton Cadillac’s lot, even further North you go over the Hohman Bridge & there is one inside Amstead Rail’s parking lot catching people going with gravity down the bridge which gets you automatically over the low 25 mph speed limit (Watch for the curve where the speed limit should be 25 or 30, that’s where he catches people) & heading farther North the stretch of nonstop 25 mph road you have one sitting at Hohman & 143rd, which is the final one on the stretch. All switch from marked to unmarked cars but more recently see more unmarked. This road should be a 35-40 mph thoroughfare with the flashing school zone lights to drop the limit but the road is rigged so low that they catch anyone at anytime they please on this stretch. Very deceiving.

Sheffield Avenu.e from Calumet Avenue to Gostlin Street

Hammond, IndianaFeb 19, 20130 Comments

A gray unmarked crown victoria patrols this stretch often. Hammond officer is very polite but will not cut you any slack on a ticket! Industrial area is 35 but should be at least 45. Very deceiving

Drackert and Calumet Ave

Hammond, IndianaSep 11, 20120 Comments

Hammond cop in a black unmarked Dodge Charger. He is parked in a business parking lot. 25 mph zone

90/Tollway; Wolf Lake just East of first toll

Hammond, IndianaOct 05, 20111 Comments

Indiana State Police are patrolling this area everyday. Between Cline(912) and Wolf lake watch your speed (just west of the Calumet Exit). ISP likes to sit in the middle of Wolf Lake as well as under the Cline overpass with radar on top of the small incline. Very difficult to see! Watch speed here please do not let them catch you, there is somebody pulled over at all times of the day. They prey on out-of-state drivers and truckers alike. A few hard curves= Ticket heaven for these rolling meter maids!

Interstate 90/94 East Bound Mile Marker 24

Hammond, IndianaApr 24, 20100 Comments

Starting around Mile marker 24, just as the speed limit changes from 65 to 55, Indiana State Troopers sit along the side of the road radaring then a few miles up the road one will have someone pulled over. Make sure to move over a lane or another trooper will pull you over for failure to yield to emergency vehicle, with a huge fine and 8 points on your license, equivalent to vehicular manslaughter in most states.

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