Paragon, Indiana Speed Traps

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about 1 to 2 miles South on Highway 67

Paragon, IndianaAug 22, 20100 Comments

Lovely little pull off between RR tracks and side of the road. Hidden well by brush and overgroath. East side of the road.
Sometimes it wi Monroe County, and sometimes it is State Police. State boys have "Instant On" radar, so there is no need to slow down when the detector goes off. They already have your speed.

East of Paragon

Paragon, IndianaMar 12, 20100 Comments

Dont know where he came from but I was going 55 with the windows down. He came to my car and asked the normal drivers license/registration. He said I was going 56 in a 40. The whole time he was talking I was looking straight ahead at a sign that said Begin speed limit 40. Then he asked where I had been (memorial weekend). I told him Indy and he asked if I had been drinking. I said No (and hadn’t had a drop). He then asked who was with me. My wife. Has she been small one about 4 hours ago. He walked back to his car and I was talking to the wife about his comments and she was telling me to hold my tongue. lol…he came back and said when he pulled me over it smelled like alcohol — remember I said the windows were down — anyway I sorta came unglued and said “Do you have a breathalizer in your car?” and before he could say anything I said “Why don’t you go get it because I’ve never tried one before and you can prove to yourself I haven’t had a drop.” lol..he told me to not move and went to his car. He just came back and said I’ll let you go if you do me a favor, just slow it down…yesss sirr…it was obvious I hadn’t done anything and he knew it.

State Highway 67 near about 5mi northeast of Paragon

Paragon, IndianaNov 10, 20040 Comments

I was leaving Paragon late on a Saturday night this month, and as I was heading northeast on SR67 toward Martinsville I saw blue and red lights in the distance. That stretch is pretty straight; it took me about 3 to 4 minutes to get within about a mile (at 60mph). As I closed in, the lights went out and moments later (as expected) I saw the police car make a U-turn to head toward Paragon. The car appeared to have Paragon markings. A 1994 (roughly) Chevy Caprice, white.

Regardless, I’m not exactly sure what the heck the officer was doing stopping cars nearly 5 miles outside of town. Best drive this stretch with care after dark. Daytime is pretty much flat out from what I can tell (70-80+).

State Higway 67

Paragon, IndianaAug 30, 20030 Comments

Improper distance from one speed limit sign to the other. Does not give enough distance to slow down.

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