Portland, Indiana Speed Traps

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7th Street near green park cemetery

Portland, IndianaJun 29, 20040 Comments

Cop sits behind the pole barn for the cemetery. Speed limtis jumps from the county road from 55mph down to 30 mph

Boundary Pike City Limit

Portland, IndianaMar 01, 20020 Comments

After entering the city limits on Boundary Pike, cops usually sit from about 10 pm till early morning. They sit in a cut out section of woods on the right side. You can’t see them until you are right on them, especially cause it is usually dark out and they have their lights turned out. It is a 30 mph zone but cause it is the beginning of the city limit, people fly through there about 45-50 mph. That’s one hefty fine. Watch out!

Boundary Pike

Portland, IndianaMar 01, 20020 Comments

As you are heading south out of town Police will set in the woods or by the woods on the left hand-side of the road. And they love to nail you for False plates. They run you for no reason.

Industrial Park – Votaw St.

Portland, IndianaFeb 01, 20020 Comments

Driving around the "bypass" around Industrial Park, the cops are waiting for you as you proceed towards Ind. 67 SW of town. There is a 30 mph speed limit sign posted every few feet (which was new to me) out in the middle of a cornfield – thus Rural – but it seems they’ve made it "Urban" so they can catch you and put money in their coffers. They’ll catch you as you speed up to pass another vehicle and give a citation for the higher speed, when the Drivers Manual says you should accelerate to pass a vehicle.There are no "No Passing" signs or double yellow lines. Two cop cars waiting with a radar gun!!

blaine pike,Industrial Road

Portland, IndianaJul 01, 20010 Comments

They like to sit in the GreenPark Cemetary and watch for speeder coming down blaine pike. They will also Park around surrounding factorys or behind Walmart on Industrial Road…They will also sit and wait for ppl to come out of the bars late night..

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