Walkerton, Indiana Speed Traps

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US Highway 6 near State Highway 4

Walkerton, IndianaApr 12, 20081 Comments

This town is patrolled heavily and you cannot go over the speed limit at all. The speed signs go from 35 down to 25 as you enter the town and leave, and they will catch you immediately if you don’t put on the brakes.

US Highway 31 near about 20 miles south of Notre Dame University

Walkerton, IndianaDec 02, 20042 Comments

Marked cop car cruises mainstreet along 31 about 10 miles south of South Bend looking for out-of-towners to pull over. Gave us a ticket on a Sunday afternoon, on the last day of the month (can you say "Quota"?). Cop said we were the second out-of-towners he had caught that day (less likely we will show up in court to fight the ticket). We were going with the flow of traffic, but he gave us a ticket for doing 56 in a 35 zone (poorly marked), even though he had clocked us doing 53 too. Also, the cop will try to trap you into admitting that you were speeding in a really underhanded way. We will never pass through this town again, we will never spend a dime in this town! Boycott this place if you can!

US 6 at State Road 104

Walkerton, IndianaAug 15, 20020 Comments

Officer sits at the corner of US 6 and SR 104 there is a little hill there and you can’t see him until it’s to late, mainly if your going Westbound though, if your going Eastbound you can usually see him before you get to him, after they clock you going West they will pull out and follow you for about 1/2 mile before they turn on the red lights because the only safe place for you to pull over is down the road right on a curve. 1 or 2 of them will let you go 10 mph over the speed limit but the rest of them will pull you over and ticket you for just about anything.

SR 23 and Lawrence St, approx 1 mile South of downtown

Walkerton, IndianaAug 15, 20020 Comments

They sit at this corner and get people that are going out of town South, the speed limit gradually increases to 50 mph, but most of the time people are already going that speed or a little more where it’s still 45 mph, they stop ALOT of people in this area, and there really is nothing out there.

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