Fort Dodge, Iowa Speed Traps

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5th Street NW, and the City Limit ( Ft.Dodge Labs )

Fort Dodge, IowaSep 02, 20150 Comments

This trap is to catch people coming to work to the labs and down town Fort Dodge.The 25 mph City sign is at least 65 feet into the county, which is posted 35 Mph in the county. The camera vehicle is always pointed to the North.

All locations inside the city limits

Fort Dodge, IowaDec 21, 20110 Comments

Moblie speed camera mounted on top of a white
ford Explorer with no markings. This is not about law enforcement but for the revenue it produces for the city. Waring-they are having issues with the camera unit it seems to be giving out bogus speed readings on larger vehciles such as school buses and trucks. If you get a ticket in the mail always request a court date and contest the ticket. This will clog up their court system and it will eat up any profits the city thinks they will be making.

1st avenue south, on the credit union side of the bridge

Fort Dodge, IowaApr 17, 20100 Comments

They like to sit between little joes computers and that animal hospital in that parking area/alley and u don’t know the cops r there until u roll right in front of him which sounds like entrapment to me! speed limit goes from 30 to 25 as soon as u hit the bottom of the bridge so be careful. and if there isnt on there theres a cop either on the street facing u or sitting in that empty lot there!

5th Ave S & Midway Blvd

Fort Dodge, IowaMay 11, 20090 Comments

5th Ave South police set in parking lots of various businesses on north or south side of roadway in ether direction using radar and laser to tag drivers coming into town or leaving, All times of day or night.

Overpass Street

Fort Dodge, IowaJul 26, 20060 Comments

1st Ave North railway overpass. Police maintain a constant speed trap here with minimal enforcement elsewhere in the city. Peak times are end of month. Afternoons and evenings more than mornings. Usually they work in tandom one car on each side of the of the overpass. They clock you coming down the grade of the overpass. Speed limit is 25 mph where a higher speed wouuld be safe considering other areas of the city such as in front of schools being 30 mph and going through parks 35 msp – I would say the city gets a very large revenue from this speed trap. Its easy two police cars will be ther for hours writing tickets many times each month. I’ve gotten a ticket here and one other place mentioned – This is the main money maker for this city. It is an abuse of govermental power. I got caught I accept that. This trap is not about public safety its about making money. Lots and Lots of money. ON a given night you can see them writing ticket after ticket. Its easy prey and they make the most of it.

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