Knoxville, Iowa Speed Traps

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State Highway 5 South near South of Washington Street

Knoxville, IowaJul 05, 20080 Comments

As you travel South out of the City on Attica Road, A.K.A. old Highway 5, you are going downhill rather steeply and gradually turning to your leFort You cannot easily see the church parking lot to your left where the police set with radar at the bottom of the hill. The speed limit goes from 35 to 45 in that area and you will always be written in the 35 downhill zone even though you can see the 45 sign near the bottom of the hill. By coasting you will exceed the limit. You must use the breaks. Most people are written for around 45 as they are speeding up when they see the 45 sign and going downhill.


State Highway 14 near US Highway 92

Knoxville, IowaFeb 20, 20080 Comments

The 50 mph limit is not well marked heading south out of Knoxville (or north into Knoxville) and the city police like to sit in the driveway of the farm implement dealer or the old car dealership on the south side of town.


Hwy 5, about one-half mile south of intersection with county highway T-15

Knoxville, IowaFeb 01, 20030 Comments

Though enforcement is constant, they are most active on Saturday evenmings, and anytime there are races at the track. People come down a long grade from the south at 55 and as you round the curb it drops to 35. They sit in the drive of the Cemetery-Monument business and point radar south. They have you before you can see them. They also hide so that south-bound traffic doesn’t see them till they are past the patrol car, and they are pulled over too.

On HWY No. and So.of town.

Knoxville, IowaJan 21, 20030 Comments

This officer will intentionally get in front of you and slow down to cause you to speed as you go around him. Making it worst is that he is in an unmarked car and an old one at that. One after the other he will do the same to. Also going south a mile or so before the city is a steep grade, then a lake w/ bridge. He will sit in a side road hiding from you and as you allow your speed to increase he will get you. Good luck and be very careful on the down grade and do not go around that old car.

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