Marion, Iowa Speed Traps

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Entire City

Marion, IowaNov 02, 20170 Comments

I have noticed that many people do not know how to get pulled over. There is a protocol. These are unwritten rules that, if followed, may get you off with just a warning.
1. Flashing lights mean slowly pull over right away. Turn on flashers.
2. Put car in park. Turn steering wheel all the way to the right. At night, turn on interior lights. Keep hands at 10am and 2pm. Do Nothing else.
3. Roll window down when instructed. If asked for license and registration, explain where they are and ask permission to retrieve them.
4. Answer any questions with a short answer and don’t volunteer extra.
5. Keep your hands either on the steering wheel or the window sill.
6. Good Luck….

The entire city

Marion, IowaNov 11, 20130 Comments

Marion Police are a classic example of ‘Selective Enforcement’ and ‘Profiling’. A speeding ticket in Marion is a warning of sloppy driving habits, not speed. This can be used to an advantage. Taking these steps can put you on the good side of the profiling:
1. Any time it is not perfectly clear and sunny, drive with headlights on.
2. Always make heavy use of the turn signal.
3. Drive in the right lane on 4-lane roads. The inside lane is called the ‘Hot Foot lane’
4. Slow down RIGHT NOW any time you see a Marion PD flash their headlights. You have been given a second chance.
5. Actually stop at stop signs.
Many places go by these simple rules.

North of 44th St intersection of 44th st and 29th ave.

Marion, IowaNov 03, 20131 Comments

You will find them sitting without parking lights at 6:30-7:30 AM weekdays.

Also, they like to sit in the Luthern Church parking lot early in the morning.


Marion, IowaMar 22, 20100 Comments

Not really a speed trap, but definitely a TICKET TRAP. Avoid this town if you have tinted windows, no license plate on front, or don’t wear the shoulder harness. You will receive a citation for all of the above as well as speeding.

3rd Avenue

Marion, IowaMay 11, 20090 Comments

West end of 3rd Avenue on the corner by the school bus garage and parking area. Will set in the driveway of the garage at night and during the day they set across the steet at the corner of 1st Street and 3rd behind the berm by the bus storage yard.


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