Toledo, Iowa Speed Traps

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State Highway 30 near Lincoln Highway Park on west side of town

Toledo, IowaJun 08, 20070 Comments

When driving in a westerly direction approaching Toledo Iowa from the east on Rt. 30 Lincoln Highway you are traveling on a straight as an arrow, 55 MPH road. You do not even realize you are approaching Toledo. First thing you notice after 65 miles of farm fields and not much else is a huge red, white and blue Lincoln Memorial Highway Park sign on the left at a nicely kept vintage roadside rest seemingly in the middle of no where. While admiring the sign and the park you miss seeing the first reduced speed and speed limit sign on the right. Then after passing the park you round a gentle curve to the right and climb a slight hill and as you top the hill to make another gentle curve back to the left you see a 35 sign and to the left of it is the chief of police running traffic. When I saw the sign I tapped the brake to release the cruise just as I noticed the officer, but it was too late. I knew that very moment I had been trapped. I never drive more then a couple miles an hour over any posted speed limit and I use my cruise control on the van to be sure. I was cited for 54 in a 35. You are just in sight of the the first city businesses at this point. Its a busy but not overloaded road with reasonable shoulders but I drove a few hundred feet down the road to a parking lot to get off the road entirely to ensure the officers safely. I have every respect for the law and the law officers safely. I have family and friends of mine who are law officers so I do not fear them. I explained I had never been in this town in my life, and he knew I was 600 miles from home. After he explained where the first sign was I explained I missed the sign due to the Parks visual appeal to a antiquer and vintage road enthusiast like me. I live just 4 miles from the Lincoln in Ohio. He had no mercy for a stranger to the area in a strange area, explaining that it was all legally posted, diversion not withstanding. I had a near perfect 27 year record until this speed trap and he knew it when he ran my plate and checked my license. And I drive all over the country every year. He explained that speeding in this area even by the locals is a problem. This diversion is something they take profitable advantage of. There is a simple fix to it but I am sure they have no interest in fixing the legal money maker they have. Friends of mine in Cedar Rapids whom I had visited with previous to this were embarassed that they had not mentioned the locally well know speed trap, Despite it being 70 miles from them. It may be legally posted but its in a bad position due to the distraction of the park.

Church Street near Aquatic Center

Toledo, IowaApr 21, 20060 Comments

Police will run radar in the Aquatic Center parking lot pointing north to catch drivers coasting faster than the posted 25 MPH going south down the hill.

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