West Des Moines, Iowa Speed Traps

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Mills Civic Pkwy across from the Valley Stadium

West Des Moines, IowaJul 27, 20140 Comments

Very popular speed trap for WDM at the entrance of Southwoods Townhouses where one police car and a few behind him catch speeders southbound on Mills Civic Pkwy as they’re approaching the Valley Stadium. Seems to be a popular quota point! Beware!

From 22nd St. exit area on I-235 up until 8th St. exit

West Des Moines, IowaNov 17, 20120 Comments

This trap is not every day but it is rather infrequent. Naturally, it has no deterrent effect and almost all motorists literally fly by you. This is truly a Revenue Trap because it’s a no-brainer. They just come on a whim, issue a ton of tickets, and leave. It has nothing to do with public safety. This section of I-235 is the safest part of the entire road. But its a cash cow. Actually, the entire I-235 should be avoided due to this plus the speed cams in Des Moines area. Its back to back during the peak hours. The Stasi drool over I-235.

5000 Block I-235 and onward going east and back

West Des Moines, IowaSep 29, 20120 Comments

On 9/ 28/2012, six or more motorists were seen pulled over by the side of I-235 by the West Des Moines PD cars; I have seen this entire strip of I-235 staked out by hidden cars on some days while there is no monitoring on other days at all. Of course, the speed cameras start monitoring at around 42nd street. Thus the whole of I-235 has become the Nazibahn that funnels huge amounts of cash through speed traps.

I-235 underneath the 28th street overpass.

West Des Moines, IowaMar 29, 20120 Comments

Cops will sit under the 28th street overpass bridge. this is the small bridge that exists right before the 22nd street exit. They will usually sit on the south side of it, meaning the right side while going towards downtown. They mostly use this as an area to wait and be ready to launch at any time, but usually they’re there just to scare people into slowing down to a more respectable speed, I have only seen 4 or 5 pull overs there.

I-35 construction zone between Hwy 5 and mixmaster

West Des Moines, IowaJul 13, 20111 Comments

The speed limit is only 55 in the construction zone, and it’s also marked as a construction zone, which increases the fine. WDM PD have begun to target that area, specifically running radar on the NB side of I-35 near Grand Avenue.

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